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Gift Choices For Female Wedding Attendants

Gift Choices For Female Wedding Attendants


As a way to thank your wedding attendants, it is best to pick appropriate gifts for them that you can wrap and present before your wedding day. While giving groomsmen gifts is the responsibility of the groom, giving bridesmaids gifts falls on the bride's task. Female wedding attendants called Bridesmaids are among the people who plays significant roles in your wedding. Their main role is to assist you whenever you are in need. They have taken days off work, bought their own dress as your wedding requires them to do so, and became almost your slave. These are the experiences your bridesmaid have been through, and because of this, it just right to thank them and show how much you appreciate their effort and presence.

Giving bridesmaids gifts has been a thoughtful way to show gratitude to female attendants. Gifts for them are unlimited. There are so many places where you can find different bridesmaids gifts, both in local and online stores. Gifts for bridesmaids range from cheap to very expensive prices. Although they are not mandatory and should not give you a headache, but selecting bridesmaids gifts with care is a must for you to show your true feelings to your bridesmaids.

Here are some of popular gift choices for female wedding attendants these days:

Bags of Goodies

If you want to show generosity to your loyal attendants, giving bags of goodies is a perfect idea you may opt to do. Purchase tote bags and fill them with a number of surprises that will definitely delight your bridesmaids. You can think of coming up with bags filled with gourmet chocolates, cosmetic supplies, spa items, lingerie or anything that your girls usually enjoy. The bags can be reused by your bridesmaids for future references.

Personalized Party Shirts

You can find personalized party shirts these days, which can make a fun gift for each of your bridesmaids. You can have them wear a uniform outfit at your bridal shower with these personalized shirts. The shirts can be personalized with their names or their role "bridesmaid." On the other hand, personalized robes make a perfect gift for them, especially if you are planning to hold your bridal shower at a luxurious spa.

Personalized Picture Frames and Albums

These items can make a keeping keepsake for your attendants. Look for gorgeous picture frames or albums that can be personalized with their names and a thoughtful phrase. The frames or albums may feature their best wedding photos, which taken during the wedding photo shoot. Or, you can also add in the albums some of your memorable photos with them.

Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry pieces are among traditional gift items that a bride can give to her bridesmaids. If you opt to give jewelry gifts to your attendants, there are some things you have to consider before buying anything. First, you have to think of their type and color of their dress as they might wear those at your wedding. Second, you have to consider the tone of their skin and their overall physique. Also, as much as possible, personalize the jewelry items you have chosen for them. There are many jewelry gifts these that can be engraved with names or initials. Or, you may consider giving them charm bracelets that are easy to customize.

For more selections of bridesmaids gifts, browse the Internet because there's a lot of websites these days that offer a wide assortment of bridesmaids gifts – from personalized tote bags, picture frames and albums, jewelry gifts, bridesmaids apparel to many more.


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