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7 Steps to Super Defined Curls

7 Steps to Super Defined Curls


Are you wondering how you can get your straight hair to have a fun curly look? Or maybe you already have curly hair and just want a more defined look. Braid outs are the solution! A braid out is when you braid your hair, let it dry, and then unravel the braids. You then end up with a nice curly hair style with defined curls.

1. Wash and condition your hair the evening before you intend to wear your braid out so that you have time for it to dry.

2. You'll need the following supplies to do the braid out: a leave-in conditioner, setting lotion, rollers, bonnet or satin scarf, detangling comb.

3. Use your leave-in conditioner to saturate your hair. Ensure you cover all hair but do not make it too wet. At this point, you can also apply a cream moisturizer if you have dry hair.

4. For tight curls, you will need to do a lot of braids – about 20. For loose curls, you will not need very many braids – about 10. Before you braid, add setting lotion and braid hair starting at the root. Depending on how tight you want the curls, you can braid tightly or loosely.

5. Right before you get to the end of your hair, you're going to stop and add a roller to that section. You can use sponge rollers covered in satin or perm rods.

6. Now that you're done braiding and rolling, take a scarf or a bonnet and wrap your hair up so that it can dry.

7. When your hair is dry, remove the bonnet or scarf. Take some serum and rub it into your hands, then take down the rollers and the braids. As you do this style your hair how you want to wear it.

Now you've got your pretty curly wavy hair style that will last you for several days. Just pin up each night. Rub a little serum over it in the morning and you're all set. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


Source by Nina Dyoran

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