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Best Man Checklist- 20 Duties of this Critical Groomsman

Your best buddy has selected you to be his best man. What an honor! Now, what the heck does everyone expect you to do? Here's a top 20 list of ... Read More »

How to Arrive to a Wedding in Style

Planning every detail of a wedding can be a daunting task. One of those details, choosing a limousine for the wedding, can easily get lost in the shuffle of picking ... Read More »

3 Tips When Using Best Man Speech Examples

Not being able to write your own best man's speech from scratch is totally understandable. Not everyone is gifted with the ability to string words beautifully in a speech that ... Read More »

Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Back

Have you been struggling with unwanted Hair Fall? Shedding hair may become one of the reasons which can make you lose your self-confidence and due to the unwanted loss, you ... Read More »

6 Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Natural Makeup Look

Gone are the days when you can lap your face with make up and go out to party. Nowadays it is all about that natural look. The makeup trend now ... Read More »

Lesbian Celebrity Hairstyles – Check Out The Different Styles

Lesbian Celebrity Hairstyles have set the trend for many fashion conscious women around the world of all sexual persuasions. And with good reason! If you're wondering what hairstyle is in ... Read More »

Dress Code for a Limo Chauffeur

A Chauffeur dress code is a set of rules controlling what garments may be worn by a limousine driver. These rules are determined by the limousine company that employs the ... Read More »

Vintage Wedding Theme: How to Do It With Style

A vintage wedding theme is classic and can always be recreated for your own wedding. It has an old world feel, but is still timeless. A vintage theme will make ... Read More »

Summer Tips for Natural Black Hair

Summer! It's that time of year again. I do not know about you, but I really enjoy the warmer weather. To me, summer is a time of hanging out in ... Read More »

Flattering Mother of the Bride Dresses for Curvy Moms

The institution of marriage pre-dates written and oral history. The rituals and traditions we observe today are thousands of years old. One of the most curious traditions is the role ... Read More »

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