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8 Essential Practices – Spiritual Love Making For Spiritual Couples

8 Essential Practices – Spiritual Love Making For Spiritual Couples

Spiritual Love Making is the act of connecting the Man's universe with the Woman's universe

This connection is very rare sense most people are concerned with orgasms. Making love with the sole intention of connecting two universes is the act of connecting with the "now." The sun takes 8 minutes to reach the earth with sun light as an orgasm might take the same amount of time. Making love with the intent of connecting with "I" is a direct connection with the universe instantly. I is now, you are I inside. I is reading this right now.

Lets get straight to the Essential Practices …

At every wedding there is an exchange of vows to start off the marriage. Here are some vows to start off a relationship for a spiritual couple.

1) Need to feel needed – When you let someone know they are needed it fulfills many hidden desires. Example: I am glad you are in my life, I would be lost without you.

2) Sense of hope – A sense of hope is crucial in a relationship. When your partner is feeling down, a reminder that everything happens for a reason and that these things take time. It is very important to not rush your dreams or success.

3) Accountability for your actions – If you or your partner has done something negative or positive, you must call them out on it. Acknowledging your partner in everyday activities is a beautiful thing. To know you is to love you, to love you is to know you.

No Judgment – Just Acknowledgment

4) Need to be understood : Understanding your partner revolves around present time. Not whats in the past or future. The past or future is not who you are now. Do you know who you are now? Its not your name, degrees, trophies, vehicle, house, cloths. The answer: Where ever your attention is as a perceiving individual is who you are.

5) Need to be right: Setting up each other in every conversation to be right is a power move. Growth is inevitable when both Man and Woman compliment each other.

6) Sense of power : Power comes from choice. Choice = freedom. When both Man and Woman are free to choose, they will choose each other. Remind each other you are free. example: You are free to do and say what ever you choose. response: … thank you … I would say the same for you.

Essential Practices and Understandings for Spiritual Love Making

7) Man when your penis is hard out side the vagina it becomes a beacon of emotion. Pull that energy back into your 1st chakra and then into your stomach to be recycled. Your 2nd and 3rd chakra will recycle everything before it has a chance to get to your heart. If anything gets in your heart, you will start manifesting those intentions in your life. Stay vigilant with all your thoughts. Where ever your attention is as a perceiving individual is who you are.

8) Woman, your purpose is not to satisfy man with orgasms. Nor is it to achieve multiple orgasms. Woman is all love, a gift to man. The power of Woman is unfathomable. If you allow Man to insult you or take advantage of you, he will never respect you or love you. Is that the truth?

Man and Woman are a team. When they use spiritual love making to connect to the universe inside of each other there is a third body of energy created around them. That energy is connected immediately with the universe.

The sun is 93 million miles away and burns over 700 trillion tons of fuel everyday, also its 1 million times bigger than earth. The sun is one of the smallest stars in the galaxy. The galaxy has billions of stars. There are multiple galaxies in our universe. The sun has its own consciousness, as well as the earth. We have never been to the center of the sun or the earth, but both centers are made of something that provides infinite energy. Our bodies are made of atoms and in those atoms is a "nucleus" made of neutrons and protons surrounded by electrons. So it could be said that the sun, earth, and the atoms that make up our body, have an infinite source of energy.

We are a drop of water in the ocean of the universe, but we are still part of the universe. Connected instantly every moment. As we can see how big the universe is outside our body, naturally you might get an idea of ​​how big it is inside your body.

Bonus : Even an spiritually experienced person enjoys learning more about Spiritual Love Making .

Source by David Friederich

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