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A Castle Makes For The Perfect Wedding

A Castle Makes For The Perfect Wedding

The United Kingdom is home to some of the best medieval architecture in the world. Great Britain has a variety of fantastic castles, palaces, manors and places of interest. While many British castles have been left in ruins thanks to different wars and battles some castles still remain standing to this very day. Most medieval structures are now protected by organizations like English Heritage and many are now open to the public for various events.

A large number of medieval castles, ruins and battle sites are now used for medieval re-enactments. A medieval re-enactment takes place when a group of medieval enthusiasts organize a day out where they dress up in traditional clothing and invite the general public along to watch. Hedingham castle often have days out in Essex where they host jousting and archery events for the public to enjoy.

Many people love the idea of ​​getting married in a castle, which has meant that castle weddings have increased in the UK. Many of these historic buildings have everything you could want from a castle wedding. Most castles have huge grounds which have many beautiful areas that are the perfect wedding photo backdrops. The wedding ceremonies themselves are often held in impressive halls, complete with wedding flowers, candles and seating for your guests. Some people even choose to go that one step further opting for a medieval theme with full costumes and minstrels.

As most castle weddings are often in remote locations and castles tend to have a lot of additional buildings, most now offer wedding receptions and accommodation. This can make it very easy to plan your wedding, as all of these facilities tend to be in one package leaving you the time and space to plan for the other aspects of your big day.

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