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Achieving the Perfect "Up Do" Hair Style

Achieving the Perfect "Up Do" Hair Style

Many people find it hard to put their hair up in a gorgeous up do, mainly due to the fact that you can not really see what you are doing. Some of the best up do's are simply achieved by using a good pair of tongs and some skillful pinning whereas others really need a professional hairdresser.

To ensure you get a hair style that will last the night you should really visit your local salon as they will help to design a style which will work best with your hair. Thick hair is easier to manage however if it is too thick then it may be too heavy to stay in place. For thin hair you may need some clip in extensions to add some volume! Either way a good stylist will be able to advise on what will work best with your hair and it is advised that you have a consultation appointment before the day you need it done for to ensure that you are happy with the style. A consultation will allow that stylist to play about with the hair and try different styles as everyone looks different with an up do so pictures can be deceiving.

For events such as a wedding or a prom your hair has to look just right otherwise you will not feel your best there before it is strongly advised that you seek professional help with your hair as it will help to relieve some of the stress. Before you visit the hair dresser it is recommended that you do not wash your hair as it will not hold the style quite as well, if you are worried about your hair looking greasy do not worry as there are plenty of shine boosting products that will help give it a glow.

Hair magazines and celebrity clippings are a great way to find a new, glamorous up to. Cut out as many as you like and give them to your hair dresser, this will give them lots of options to work with and help find one which works best. Curls are a great way to create a glamor puss style, plenty of back combining with your hair height and a good hair spray will help to provide a strong hold. Do not be afraid to experiment, on your special day you want to look your best and stand out from the crowd so shy away from trying something different or listening to your hair dresser as you can always take it down to attempt something new.

There are some wonderful hair accessories available to add a some more glamor to your up do, why not try a tiara or a gorgeous hair pin to take a simple hair style to one which stands out. You do not have to pin your hair all up remember you can do half up, half down or a loose bun with lots of curls. Preparation is the key therefore make an appointment with your local salon before time runs out!

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