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Black Men With Long Hair

Black Men With Long Hair

African-American men have a distinct need for individuality and personal expression. Thus, their hairstyles can vary according to what they want to express. Black men with long hair have the advantage over those with shorter hair since they can style their hair in many different ways. African-American hair is very curly but this is its strongest feature. Curls are very versatile in any kind of hairstyle.

While a lot of black men prefer to wear their hair short, there are men who love having long hair. This is really dependent on their personalities and their openness in wearing long hair. The most common styles for black men with long hair are dreadlocks, cornrows, and afros. Dreadlocks consist of thick strands twisted or braided. Cornrows, on the other hand, consist of a braided style which keeps the braids close to the scalp. Cornrows are similar to a small French braid. An afro hairstyle is a popular hairstyle for men since it brings about the natural style of a black man’s hair. This style allows the hair to stand out like a puff on a person’s head.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short whatever style you choose, that is your preference. Examine your look in the mirror and ask yourself if your choice of style is suited to you. Just remember that the best hair style is that which suits your facial shape and your hair care needs. You should know these factors first before you choose your hairstyle.

Source by Jocelyn O Iyog

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