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Caring For Your Hair Extensions

Caring For Your Hair Extensions

You have just got the most fabulous looking hair extensions and you have paid a lot of money to have them done right. Now you will want to take really good care of those extensions so that you can take advantage of them for as long as possible. Do this and you could have them for up to six months before having to have repaired or replaced.

The first step on the road to caring for your hair extensions is to choose the right shampoo. You really need to pay the few extra dollars to buy a really good brand of shampoo and conditioner no matter whether you have synthetic extensions or genuine hair extensions. The cheap stuff will just make the bonding agent break down sooner. This has been known to happen with some of the more expensive shampoos as well, so be sure to watch carefully for extensions coming off before they should. You should also wash them gently by wetting them first and then just patting them dry after washing. Do NOT brush or comb your extensions while they are wet as this can cause them to fall out. If the extensions become dry between washings, then put in just a small amount of leave-in conditioner.

Your extensions can become tangled easily, at least more easily than your natural hair. As a rule, the extensions should not be more than twice the length of your natural hair and if the extensions were made to be put in a ponytail, then putting them in a loose ponytail at night when you sleep will help prevent tangles. If you do get tangles, then use a soft brush and work from the bottom to the top to get the tangles out.

When it comes to synthetic hair extensions you will not be able to do much more than wash them and brush them. They will melt when exposed to the heat of a dryer or curling iron and they can not be colored. Basically, what you see is what you get and this actually makes them easier to care for.

Genuine hair extensions can be colored, styled, and dried like natural hair, but again, you must be gentle with them. The extra weight of the extensions can put a lot of stress on the roots of your hair and this can make the hair fall out more easily. So if you tug too hard when brushing or putting your hair in a tight style, you can damage it and pull it out at the roots.

Here are a couple more general tips to help keep your hair extensions looking their best. When you go swimming in a chlorinated pool, make sure to wear a bathing cap that will keep the water out. Secure your hair well under it and rinse out your hair as soon as you get out of the water to ensure that any chemicals that got under the cap are gone. The second tip is to keep all silicone-based products away from your extensions as these products can cause your extensions to slip out of place.

As you can see, when you have hair extensions there is more care involved than with just your natural hair. You have to be much gentler with your extensions to ensure they last as long as possible. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money on something that will just fall apart. If anything does happen to your extensions, then go and see your stylist right away. Your stylist will be able to put things right so that you have the stunning hair you envisioned.

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