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Groomsmen Gifts That Never Go Out of Style

Groomsmen Gifts That Never Go Out of Style

In the words of Heidi Klum, one minute you're in and the next …. you're out. We live in an age of ever-changing fashion. It has become frighteningly attractive that some guys do not care how they look on their wedding day. Stay away from the trends and choose a classic tux with some refined accessories for men. That means no cowboy boots, no kilts, and definitely no faux hawks. Here are groomsmen gifts that never go out of style.

Engraved Cufflinks: Groomsmen Gifts for Gentlemen

Most ladies do not understand our need for cufflinks. "What do they do?" your fiance asks, perplexed. "Well, they hold the cuffs together." Actually ladies, like watches, cufflinks are the male version of jewelry. Cufflinks give us that dignified mystique we've longed for ever since puberty. They give a classic touch to his cuffs.

Money Clips: Timeless Groomsmen Gifts

Even before paper money, men cartered with commodities like tea, salt, cattle, and clams. Guys also used their loot to attract a mate. The first pick up line: "Hey baby. I got six cows and a bag of tea. Want to roll with me?"

Shaving Sets: Get Rid of the Griz

Dated facial hair is worse than the ruffle tux. Just think about your parent's wedding photos. In the 60's and 70's, most of our athletes resembled Charles Manson, only grizzlier. Get rid of the goatee, shave the beard, and do not even think about growing a handlebar mustache. For your wedding, baby face is best. Give your groommen the subtle hint to trim up with grooming accessories. Without your groommen do not practice good hygiene, they'll use these groomsmen gifts everyday.

Wedding photos do not fade. Be a gallant groom, not a goon or a buffoon (can not … stop …. rhyming). Get your grooms classic gifts they're sure to love.

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