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How To Choose Men's Dress Pants That Fit Properly And Do not Sag

How To Choose Men's Dress Pants That Fit Properly And Do not Sag


Many men nowdays are frustrated with dress pants that do not properly fit. These same men are simply just not aware of facts surrounding how pants are actually supposedly to fit. It's not because they do not care, it's due to them believing that they have no other option. So, they are then stuck with dress pants that are a tad embarrassing and a little bit uncomfortable. So before these men go out to buy another set of dress pants that sag, bind, pucker, or pull; Having knowledge about how to properly select a pair of dress pants that fit perfectly makes a great tool to have in one's arsenal when they go to the clothing store.

Low Rise Pants: Where Should The Waist Sit?

Among guys, a pair of low rise pants is highly popular because of their ability to look bold while still being a bit stylish for when the time requires it. They are not typically worn in the work environment but they're great for the weekend. Generally, they come either in a non-pleated or flat front style and are often worn below the waist.

It's imperative to make sure that the pants are flat around the hips and fit well when placed without any binding, sagging, or binding.

Features of Men's Dress Pants to Be Aware of –

The Rise: For dress pants to fit correctly, the rise is one of the most important factors to take into account when buying a pair. The area around the crotch of should not sag, bind or a strict. If there's too much material, then the pants will look a bit unflattering. If there's not enough fabric then it will cut into the groin and make the pants a bit uncomfortable. Overly, there must be enough fabric around the rise for the contour of your seating position without being too restrictive and also allow for you to have sufficient comfort while sitting.

The Drape: Dress pants for men should have enough form to them while also having a decent amount of drape from the cloth. This means that your pants should show a number of horizontal lines and not be too tight on the sides, back, and front.

The Length: The length of pants that one desires depends wholly on one's unique sense of style and personal taste.

No Break: For men who want a more conservative look, make sure the lowest part of the pants end at the shoes in the middle of the heel with no breaks or creases. Also, if you're not in the office wearing dress socks, then you also want to make sure that your pants do not show your socks whenever you walk places.

Single Break: Typically, this is one of the most occurring lengths of pants. The best rule is to live by is that the hem of the pants have a systematic break at the beginning of the shoe. On the back part of the shoes is where the pants leg should end right at the heel of the foot.

Double Break: Usually for young people, the double break is highly popular for those who like "baggy" pant legs and a hem that have low reaching folds along the shoes. To keep up the look, make sure your dress pants do not touch the floor and drag.

A Good Answer

Since you now have a pretty good idea for how pants should properly fit, it's time to look for a pair among the various styles that are offered today. Look online to find the best prices and to make sure that you get the best range of options to choose from. Nowadays, dress pants for men are highly affordable and every guy describes a pair that fits for them.


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