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How to Do Your Wedding Hair With Fresh Flowers

How to Do Your Wedding Hair With Fresh Flowers

Marrying fresh flowers with soft, simple hairstyles creates an ultra feminine flourish. Forget painstaking uptight updos this wedding season. Relaxed, elegant hairstyles are all the rage. Brides are trading in veils and tiaras for fresh flowers to top off beautifully unstructured hairdos. Here's how to wear the fanciful floral adornments without looking over-decorated.

Modern Classic
Think relaxed, tousled hair with a romantic feel, Spanish flair and large flowers sitting pretty behind the ear. This effortless style takes a lot of work to create but the results are stunning. To pull it off, secure the hair into a ponytail behind the ear, keeping volume on top of the head. Twist the ponytail until it folds onto itself and pin it into place using bobby pins, leaving a side bun. Your wedding is the one day when your hair can look touchable but not actually be touchable. It can be hard as nails and does not need to move – in fact, you do not want it to! And do try the flowers in different positions to determine the most flattering fit before securing it properly with pins.

Floral tip: To create this look three flowers were tied together with pliable green florists' wire, then secured to a slide comb and attached to the bride's hair.

New Romance
Do not get in a knot over your hair and plait a simple, but stunning braid to achieve this a pixie-like look. This will create a soft bed for dainty flowers. The more blossoms you use, the merrier, but be mindful of their color. Use flowers that are in keeping with your dress as well as your skin and eyes, as they're such a big feature of the outfit. Warm skin colors work well with soft yellows and pinks, while cooler tones suit violet and lilac hues.

Floral tip: Tiny, frothy buds like Lily of the Valley create a natural, whimsical look clustered through the hair. Jasmine is also fantastic for a soft, fragrant option.

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