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How to Find and Achieve Perfect 1940's Hairstyles

How to Find and Achieve Perfect 1940's Hairstyles


The 1940's were without doubt the decade when womens hairstyles were at their most glamorous. This was mainly due to wartime shortages which made buying new clothing more difficult than before. To make up for the shortages in new fashionable clothing women resisted to styling their hair in new and exciting ways. Hair became bigger and more exaggerated with finger waves, bangs and pin curls becoming the norm. Many of the earlier and mid 1940's hairstyles were smoother and flatter at the crown allowing for easier wearing of hats, although later in the decade this became less fashionable.

When deciding on what 1940's hairstyle to replicate it is a good idea at first to get some ideas from old pictures and movies.

Your local library will have many books of interest. I would suggest looking for books about movie stars of the time, pictorial news books such as Picture Post, as well as books specifically written about the 1940's. Libraries usually also have a good stock of Hollywood classic movies to rent as you would local movie rental store.

A really simple way to find lots of 1940's hairstyle photos is to do an image search in Google. On the front page of Google click the image link in the top right hand corner and type in your chosen search, this will return a large gallery of photographs and pictures. The image search feature is available in most search engines.

Do not just stop at image searching. The Internet has a massive amount of information on 1940's hairstyles with numerous fashion forums, message boards and bloggers, offering a huge amount of helpful information. Many Internet users are now also starting to post video instructions on how to achieve popular styles of the time. There are also quite a few e books available to download on the subject with most taken from original instructions and articles of the time.

This article I hope has helped you solve the problem of where to find the perfect hair do and add a little 1940's glamor to your life.


Source by Craig Audley

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