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How to Postpone Your Wedding

How to Postpone Your Wedding

Let’s talk about the thing no one wants to mention… sometimes weddings have to be pushed back. Whether due to family issues, weather, or in the case of recent circumstances, a worldwide pandemic. Whatever the reason, the protocol is the same and we’re here to walk you through it!

  1. Choose a new first, second, and third choice dates. Look at your calendar and choose some new dates. Just as when you chose your original date, it’s good to go into conversations with a dream date and some backups just in case.
  2. Talk to your wedding insurance company. If you purchased event insurance, reach out to them and see what your options are for getting back deposits and such. It’s good to know what you are eligible for before you start contacting vendors.
  3. Reach out to your venue. It will probably be the most cost-effective for you to keep your original vendors and see if they can apply any existing payments made to a new date. First on the list is your venue! Reach out to your venue and see if they have any of your new dates available. If they do, make a note of the available dates (yes, plural) and ask if you can put them on hold.
  4. Reach out to your vendors. Now that you have a potential date or dates approved by your venue, reach out to your other vendors and see if they are available for the new date. Again, it is much cheaper for you (and better for your vendors!) to keep the same wedding team and just ask to move to a new date. Chances are, everyone will be really flexible! Ask if your vendors are good for your new date or if there are a few dates in play, ask which they could do. Once you know who can do what when you can officially choose a new date. Be sure to let your vendors know that you are in the process of choosing a new date and don’t make anything official until it’s 100% decided.
  5. Confirm a new date. Once you know the date that works best for you, your venue, and your vendors, you can confirm your new date! First, get your new date set with your venue then let your vendors know and ask for updated contracts that reflect the new date.
  6. Update your website. Don’t forget to update your wedding website with the new date. If you already sent out your Save The Dates or Invites, this will be extra important! You want to be sure ALL your guests know exactly when and where they should show up.
  7. Let guests know. Now that all the paperwork is set and everything is final, it’s time to get your guests know about the change. Sometimes couples get stressed worrying that their guests will be upset about the change. The people who matter most and who love and care about you will be supportive and ready to celebrate with you on the new date.
  8. Take advantage of the extra time to plan! With a few more weeks or even months at hand, you now have extra time to plan! Take time to go through ALL the Pinterest boards, to dive into a hands-on decor project, or just sit back and relax knowing everything is done. Choose to view the extra time as a bonus and not a hindrance. In the end, you’ll still be married and that’s what matters!

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