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How to Shape Eyebrows – 3 Easy Steps On The Perfect Shape

How to Shape Eyebrows – 3 Easy Steps On The Perfect Shape

Mastering the appropriate technique of how to shape eyebrows will help your look drastically. In achieving the correct brow it can not be overly plucked or bare, but instead it must be natural and perfectly groomed. You will need to steer clear of an eyebrow that is too skinny or too high. Shaping requires eliminating excess hair from the upper and lower edges of your eyebrow. The design of the eyebrow is correct when the start of the eyebrow is in-line with the center of the nostril and the arch starts over the back 1/3 of the eye. To build the perfect brow shape stick to these simple guidelines:

1. Determine Where The Brow Begins

Looking in the mirror take a pencil or make up brush and hold it straight up against one nostril. The location where the makeup brush or pencil Touches your eyebrow will be where your eyebrows should begin. Put a dot here to indicate your starting position. Do the same process on the other eye. Any kind of unwanted hair you have beyond that line must be plucked out. Note: If your eyes are actually spaced closer together it is possible to open your eye area by widening the space between your brows.

2. Exactly where Your Eyebrow Should End

Take the same pencil or makeup brush and hold it once more vertically against your nostril, then position it towards the outer corner of your eye. Place a dot here to point where you want your eyebrow to end. Do this process again on the other eye. Following the same guidelines as mentioned above pluck all hair outside of this dot out.

Step 3 Locate The Arch:

To find the best arch in your brow that will appear natural and beautiful use the very same brush or pencil you've been using and align it again towards the edge of your nostril. Angle the brush with the outer edge of the colored part of your eye and continue that line up to the eyebrow. Mark this spot using a dot. Repeat the same process using the other eye. Connect the three dots so you now have the guideline to your perfect shape.

With these 3 easy and simple steps on how to shape eyebrows you will never again have to worry about the awkward eyebrow you had before! This is definitely a great way to regaining your confidence and esteem and drawing the right attention to your beautiful eyes.

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