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How To Write A Funny And Memorable Best Man Speech

How To Write A Funny And Memorable Best Man Speech

Best man statements are one of the most important parts of a wedding. Traditionally, together with the married couple's parents, both the best man and the maid of honor are given the privilege to give out a speech. If you have been appointed as best man on a wedding, you'll have to do your best to prepare a memorable speech. This could be challenging if this is the first time you act as a best man for a wedding, therefore preparing early will help you develop the necessary confidence and to take things easy.

What should you talk about in your best man speech?

Best man speaks do not have to be very long, nor complicated. As a rule of thumb, your speech should last no more than five minutes, so that other speakers will have enough time for their own.

It's important that your speech is brief and sincere. You could begin by greeting the people in the reception, then follow by extending your congratulations to the married couple. If you know the groom from childhood, you can share one or two stories of how he was as a boy or as a young man. Your audience would certainly be entertained by discovering something new and funny and, as the groom's best friend, you are the perfect person to tell such stories.

A short list of Do's and Don'ts

No matter how much effort you put into preparing your speech, it's fundamental that you avoid some mistakes that could ruin the day. Here are a few do's and don'ts that you should follow to ensure everything goes smoothly:


* Prepare in Advance – Allocate sufficient time to ensure you arrive at the great day relaxed. Rushing everything to the last second would make things much more difficult.
* Try the speech together with Bride and Groom to be – Reading the speech to the couple before the wedding day will ensure that they will appreciate it. This, unfortunately, will also ruin the surprise, but, if you're afraid of saying something inappropriate, it's better to do it.
* Double check your jokes – Jokes are entertaining, bad / rude jokes are not. Double check them and remember that you'll have a mixed audience, with children and elders alike.

* Do not drink too much before your speech – It's understandable if you're nervous, but you should not exceed with drinks, or you'll end up ruining the party.
* Do not offend anyone – Avoid rude language, offensive jokes and ensure that you will not hurt anyone's feelings.
* Do not talk about groom's past girlfriends, flirts or embarrassing moments – Remember that you should entertain the public, not making fun of the groom. If he did anything shameful in the past, there it's where it belongs, and should not be dug out.

To close your speech, you should use a positive thought, or express your personal desires of fortune and happiness to the bride and groom. Finally, you will conclude your speech with a toast to the couple's health and happiness.

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