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Making Shampoo at Home – Natural and Cost Effective

Making Shampoo at Home – Natural and Cost Effective

Because there are so many synthetic substances in hair products nowdays, some folks have good reason to prefer something made at home. A range of great natural ingredients are easily found in most health stores. Just follow these tips to be lathering in no time.

* 7 oz. distilled water
* Liquid Castile detergent
* Covered glass container
* Ground herbs
* 8 oz. plastic jar
* Glass kettle
* Metal sieve
* Spoon

Step 1: Try some different fragrances. Pick a couple that set off each other well and which will suit you. Think about scents old favorites like mint or lavender.

Step 2:
Boil some distilled or purified water to avoid chemicals.

Step 3:
Pour the soap into the bottle. You are aiming for about one ounce of soap for an 8 ounce jar.

Step 4:
Place the sieve over the glass container and add herbs. Mash down herbs lightly to release essential oils. Fresh herbs are more potent than dried so start so as not to create too heavy a blend.

Step 5:
The boiling water then goes over the herbs. The formula needs to be 7 oz of this 'herbal water' to 1 oz. of detergent. Cover and let sit for half an hour.

Step 6:
Strain out any stray herbs and really make sure the water is clear.

Step 7:
Pour into bottle and give a little shake to mix ingredients.

Step 8:
You're good to go! Get showering and give your shampoo a try.

It certainly does not take long to whip up a batch of fragrant, natural shampoo for yourself and it should keep for at least 6 months (although it smells so good you'll probably use it up much faster than that). Enjoy your eco-friendly, cruelty-free and fragrance hair!

Source by Jacquie Generra

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