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Man's Diamond Rings

Man's Diamond Rings

Diamonds have been the topic of pop culture for years. Among the most popular mentions of the
precious stone is "Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend," sung by the late Marilyn Monroe. The mention of
diamonds in context of men wearing diamond jewelry has not become popular until fairly recently.
With the rise of popularity in hip-hop music, the appearance of men's diamond jewelry,
especially men's jewelry, has become a "must have" for any red-carpet occasion.
More and more the appearance of athletes, rappers and celebrities wearing jewelry is commonplace on
any public appearance. The man's diamond ring
has become a fashion staple for any player in the entertainment industry.

So you want to be a player?

What should a buyer look for when purchasing a man's diamond ring?
There are four basic pointers that jewelry stores will offer when choosing the perfect piece of diamond jewelry:

1) Cut- the cut of the diamond can make or break a diamond. How the diamond is cut determines how the diamond will reflect light – unfortunately cut diamond may appear dull.

2) Color-take great care when choosing the perfect man's diamond ring. Traditionally, the less color a diamond has, the greater value the diamond will have. A diamond specialist at a jeweler will help you choose the color of diamond that fits your budget and personal taste.
3) Clarity- the clarity of the diamond is based on the number of flaws and specks the diamond has. A flawless diamond will cost more. Many buyers choose to go for nearly flawless diamonds. Often the casual observer can not notice the small flaws in one of these diamonds without a jeweler's loupe.
4) Carat Size- this may be one of the largest factors in diamond price. Due to the rarity of larger diamonds, the cost of these stones will increase dramatically as the size of the stone increases.

The four basic diamond guidelines mentioned above can give the perspective diamond buyer a jump-start in picking the perfect diamond. These guidelines can take you from a certain price point, or can simply help educate a diamond buyer looking to impress the media on a talk-show appearance.
There is no doubt that the popularity of men's diamond jewelry is here to stay. Its acceptance into pop culture has made diamonds a focus of the fashion and entertainment world. Although most of diamond jewelry worn by celebrities and athletes costs more than some houses, men and women now wear diamonds.
The Addition of a diamond to ones wardrobe or jewelry collection is a great way to add class and sophistication to any wardrobe.

Source by Adam Hook

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