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Matching Your Wedding Dress With Your Venue

Matching Your Wedding Dress With Your Venue

Deciding on your wedding gown and your venue are probably the two biggest decisions you'll make when planning your wedding. No matter which one you find first, they can heavily influence the rest of your wedding decor and design, and can also have a big effect on each other. Perhaps you find 'The Dress' early on, and its style dictates where you decide to get married. Or maybe you've had your perfect venue in mind for years and its atmosphere gives you a sense of the type of wedding dress you would like to wear on your special day. Whatever your decision, a great way to help simplify your wedding plans is to use the different parts of your bridal outfit and wedding location to create a harmonious wedding style.

Let's say you decide to go wedding dress shopping first. You may try on a variety of different styles and dress types before you find the perfect wedding gown – many brides find that they end up with a dress that they never would have expected, so be prepared to try something new when you go bridalwear shopping! Sometimes finding your ideal wedding gown is the starting point for the rest of your wedding: a gorgeous vintage style wedding gown may inspire you to find a historical venue; a sleek contemporary dress might fit better in a trendy hotel; and traditional bridalwear would look great in a manor house or country estate.

And vice versa, when you've found a great venue for your wedding ceremony and reception, it's much easier to shop for bridalwear with a vision of where you'll be wearing it in mind. A summery tea-length wedding dress probably would not look quite right in an old country hotel, and would better suit a fresh and casual outdoor wedding. Similarly, a castle or venue with historical impact requires a showstopping dress.

Your venue and wedding dress will have an effect on your choice of food, decor, flowers, music and accessories, as well as your groom's outfit. Having a theme or style in mind when planning your wedding and shopping for your wedding gown makes things run far smoother, as you have a clear image to follow, and hopefully will not get confused with the hundreds of different choices out there.

Whether you find your venue or your bridalwear first, let your choice guide you to create a beautiful matching and stylish wedding for you and your partner!

Source by Todd W Cassidy

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