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Planning your Hair Transplant So You have Hair for your Wedding

Planning your Hair Transplant So You have Hair for your Wedding

For anyone who is considering a hair transplant so they have hair for their wedding, they really need to make sure they are aware of the hair transplant timeline. If your dream is to have a full head of hair then make sure you plan it well so it can happen. You need to understand the process of hair growth so you can understand the timeline.

Hair goes through three stages of growth. Anagen is the phase where hair actually grows. It can last from two up to four years and the length of time is different for each person. This is why some people are able to grow long hair and others just can not. On average, hair grows about inch inch per month in this stage.

The next stage is Catagen, lasting from two to four weeks. In this stage the hair does not grow but it is still attached to the follicles. However, the hair follicles will shrink. Telogen is considered a resting stage. Hair does not grow in this stage and the follicles rest. This results in hairs detaching form the follicles. This stage also lasts from two to four months.

It is normal for 10% to 15% of your hair to be resting at any given time.
Once the Telogen stage has ended, the Anagen phase starts again so you grow new hair. This pushes the old hair out of the follicles. Each person loses from 50 to 100 hairs per day.

After a hair transplant [], the shock of the procedure results in your hair shifting from whatever stage it is in to Telogen. This is why many people experience their hair falling out after a hair transplant. It will be two to four months before it starts to grow again. This new hair will be fine and thin, but it will generally get thicker as time passes.

Keeping all of this in perspective, you can expect your hair to fall out after a transplant. During the next four to six months it will slowly start to grow again. It will take about another six months for it to become full and thick. It is safe to say it is going to take you at least a year after a hair transplant to have a full head of hair that has grown out a few inches. It can take longer for some people to get to this point. If you want a full head of hair for your wedding then it has to be planned for at least a year after the transplant. Keep in mind it may take you longer so plan accordingly.

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