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Wedding Confetti

Wedding Confetti


The word confetti is derived from the Italian word that referred to the candies given to guests during a wedding. In English it reflects to small pieces of paper that are thrown over the newly wedded couple after their wedding. The confetti was used from the 1890s making them relatively new. They soon became popular at weddings and other celebrations.

The size of a confetti can vary. They can also be found in sizes ranging from one inch to three inches, but you can also find them in custom made shapes and sizes. The time required to make custom shapes confetti can be around two weeks or less. Some of the materials used to make confetti are PVC and tissue. As far as PVC is concerned there are four types – Day Glo, Metallic, Non-Metallic, and Technoflek. The tissue used to make confetti is biodegradable and come in many colors. Around 90% of the tissue used to make confetti is recycled material and they are made fire resistant.

You can get the confetti effect using a confetti cannon and the different types of cannon are single shot cannon and continuous flow cannon. You can also use a snow bag or your hands to drop confetti, depending on the desired effect and the space available to you. The shapes of confetti are imprinted, rectangles, die cuts shapes, special cuts, and square.

There are different packages available for wedding confetti or you can make your own package. The different options include disposable hand cannons, and reusable hand cannons. The disposable handheld cannon can send confetti to a distance of thirty five feet, while reusable handed cannons can to a distance of forty feet. The advantage of reusable hand cannons is that they can be used for many years if properly maintained. There is always the bulk confetti, which can be used to decorate the walkway and comes in shapes like hearts and red rose petals and in colors like white and red. They can be used for thank you notes as well as invitations.


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