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Wedding Photography Tips For Couples

Wedding Photography Tips For Couples

I have been photographing Melbourne couples for over five years and often get asked by my couples how they should prepare for their wedding photos. So I have decided to put together a few tips to help make couples feel confident about their wedding photography.

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot – Many couples find that having a pre wedding photo shoot helps them calm nerves and lets them get to know and feel comfortable with their photographer. It can also be a good chance to co ordinate your makeup and hair trial and see how it looks in photos.

Beauty- My advice to brides is less is more! Avoid caking on makeup, it looks too much in photos and normally does not last all day. A natural look will make your images fresh and timeless, and you will not need to be reapplying makeup all day. If you are worried about any blemishes that may show up speak to your professional photographer, they will usually be able to retouch images in post production.

Allow enough time for portraits- I can not stress enough to my couples to allow enough time for portraits between the ceremony and reception. Make sure to allow at least 30 minutes for every location you wish to have photos at. It may seem more than enough time, but when you have a bridal party to move to each location you will find it does take a little extra time.

How to pose- Do not over think it! Photos turn out best if you do not over think and feel self conscious through the day. I always like to make my couples laugh and feel confident in front of the camera. Your professional photographer should make you feel relaxed and give you direction so that you look your best in your images.

Enjoy- This is going to be one of the happiest days of your life so do not let the little things ruin it! If you are acting and feeling glamorous and gorgeous and do not let little things get to you, your wedding photos are going to be brilliant! It's all about you and your husband, so enjoy your special day!

Source by Christine OShea

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