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Wedding Tips For Brides

Wedding Tips For Brides


Tanning may seem like a great idea. However, if you choose to tan, do not do it during the week before your wedding. This is because your skin on the camera could come out looking orange. Your skin needs a little time to set back to normal from the camera's point of view.

Glitter on your hair, face, or chest / shoulders is never a good idea. It looks great to the people around you but not in pictures. Glitter reflects light; when a photo is taken, it looks like white flecks, which usually come across as dandruff. It's not a good look and can not be easily fixed in Photoshop as most things can. Additionally, glitter never stays put, so anyone you hug (which will be everyone) can end up with glitter on them, including your groom.

Seeing each other
This is one of my top wedding tips for brides. Now I know it's tradition to not see each other before the ceremony, and if that's what you want, then that's fine. However, I would suggest you see each other for a few reasons. First of all the tradition was started back when interviews were arranged. If the groom saw the bride before the ceremony and did not like the way she looked, he could reject her, and her family would not get the dowry money. This is also why a bride wears a veil. Once the ceremony was over, it was too late, so the groom was stuck. That is why the kiss is generally at the end of the ceremony (after the vows) when the veil is lifted. Basically it's not the best tradition to emulate. Secondly, if you see each other you can get all the photos that need to be done before you even get started. After the ceremony you can just go straight to the cocktail hour and enjoy your evening practically undisturbed by your photographer. Finally, when you see each other for the first time, it's an amazing moment, which is easier to catch in a personal setting and gives you time to actually appreciate each other without rushing into the ceremony. It is different than when you walk down the aisle, so it will not take away from that moment.

Invitation Wedding tips for Brides
I suggested that you set the ceremony time on the invitation at least 15 minutes before you intend the ceremony to start. That way the late comers are still on time and not trying to rush in after the procession has started.

It is important to eat on your wedding day. It's a long day and full of emotion so it's best to have a full stomach to keep you going. This is important during the reception as well. I know you want to talk to your guests and just have fun, but I can not stress enough that you need to eat.

Remembering the time of sunset is important. If it's a nice sunset, you will want to have photos in front of it, which you can not do if something else is going on like your ceremony or important dances during the reception. Also, it is important to remember that while fall weddings are lovely, the sun will set earlier and you will need to adjust your times around that. Lastly, some seasons have a ceremony site that faces the sunset. That may seem lovely, but you want to set your ceremony time before the sunset as the falling light will affect your pictures; and, while you are looking at each other, your guests will be staring directly into the sun, when all they want is to see is you.

Bridal Prep Box
This wedding tips for brides is a must. I suggest you have a separate box or bag with items that you might need. While you may not use any of the items, it's better to have them than need them. Here is what I suggest you bring:

Safety pins, hair / bobby pins, hairspray, scissors, deodorant (spray so you can share), lip gloss (or buy your lipstick from your makeup artist), crochet hook (mostly for dresses with buttons and loops), sewing kit, Tide -to-Go, mints or gum, lotion, slippers (for dancing later), q-tips, cotton balls, nail clipper, and a nail file. If you have any questions about wedding tips for brides or need any other suggestions feel free to ask! I've been to many weddings and have learned a lot from other peoples' adventures.


Source by Emilia Green

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