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What Women Love Most

What Women Love Most


When any woman has a party or an occasion of some sort, it is surely predictable what is at the forefront at her mind in preparing for it. What am I going to wear, what kind of hairstyle will make me the talk of the town, what about makeup, and I HAVE to go shopping, are very common comments that are heard from women in preparation for an event. This is the common language that all women speak all over the world spanning all the countries. This is the ingrained need for a woman to want to look good and they want to be acknowledged for this. In the following paragraphs we will illustrate some of the concerns of women before an occasion in detail.

The most important thing before a wedding is what she will wear. Some ladies have one dress that they wear to all events that they know looks elegant and in this way they do not have to worry about it every time. This venue is definitely not the majority in the world of women. Many women thrive from the exclusion of shopping and picking out the perfect outfit for each occasion. Also, if you live in a society where class is top priority and one can not be seen wearing the same outfit twice for fear of becoming an outcast, then the idea of ​​wearing the same dress is not very plausible.

Another very important thing, although not number one, is the hairstyle a woman will wear. Some choose to get it done professionally by hairstylists. This could get expensive but you can be confident that you will like the income. Others choose to do it on their own either with a straightening iron, curling iron, of blow dryer, depending on the style they want. Others use mousse or gel, which are types of cosmetics, to make their hair bouncy or curly. But this can only look good if her hair is compatible with the substance, otherwise it will not come out looking neat.

Another very important aspect of getting dressed up for an occasion, such as a wedding, is the cosmetics and perfume. This includes all the makeup, facial cream, bases, perfumes and more. For makeup most choose to don it heavily so that it is very noticeable and stands out. Some choose to get it done professionally by a makeup artist but most prefer to do it on their own because they know based on experimenting on themselves what looks best. For perfume most decide on an elegantly spotted one, as opposed to a simple one. Perfume, although not at the top of the list when dressing up, definitely adds a certain aura to the image that completes it.

Lastly, jewelry is something that many women feel without it, the image is not complete. Most women wear elegant jewelry such as pearls if they want to look classy. Earrings are for the most part small and charming. Most women will not wear long, beady or flashy jewelry to such occasions, as elegance is what is invited.

When women dress up, they try to perfect all the different aspects of their appearance in order to accomplish the best image. For most, the preparation for the affair is almost as exciting as the affair itself. That's where we women shine.


Source by Hannah Schechter

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