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What Your Signature Cocktail Says About Your Bridal Style

Are you and your partner trying to plan a wedding that feels oh-so-you? Then consider putting a unique spin on your big day bar! A signature cocktail or two will definitely help your nuptials feel more personal and will give your guests something to talk about all night long. But before you make up the special signage and let the drinks flow, think about what your boozy beverage of choice says about you and your beloved.

signature drink
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If you like lavender lemonade…

You’re up on all the latest trends, whether it’s the lob haircut (we see you, Beyoncé) or the abundance of yellow on the red carpet this year. Your big day will be totally on point, from the colorful macarons on the dessert table to the marsala color of your bridesmaid dresses — it’s the color of the year, after all — so you need a cocktail that’s at once classic, romantic, and oh-so-modern. 

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If you’re into craft beer…

You do things your own way, which is why you’re tying to knot in a quirky art gallery or beer hall. You love photo booths, bold patterns, and anything retro. Your wedding will feel very effortless, but every detail will be well thought out, from those mismatched bridesmaids dresses to the locally-brewed beer being served at the bar.

signature drink
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If you like anything bourbon…

You’re smooth, easy-going, and lots of fun. Succulents are your absolute favorite, you’re obsessed with all things related to Mason jars, and you swoon over anything that involves lace. You’ll definitely be rocking a flower crown as you walk down the aisle outdoors. What about a bourbon bar for cocktail hour? Yes, please!

This Capri Sun cocktail involves Pop Rocks

If you like a big ol’ glass of red, red wine…

You’re classic to the core. You’ve probably been planning your wedding since you were about six years old, so every last detail will be planned out to a T. Calla lilies will be the star of your bouquet, while your girls will be decked out in navy blue. You’re reliable (you’ve got timelines and to-do lists aplenty), organized (yes, we know about that wedding binder under your bed), and your big day is going to be full of traditional touches.

signature drink
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If you’re down with some old-fashioned spiked punch…

You’re definitely going to rock a short, ’50s inspired dress and a fascinator on your big day. And you might even be considering eloping or heading down to City Hall for your “I dos,” aren’t you? That punch you spiked will definitely be served up in a vintage punch bowl with jadeite cups and saucers, because you’re all about that vintage vibe.

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If you’re all about the appletini…

You can be described in two words: big and bold. Your wedding will definitely be an opulent, over-the-top affair — nothing less with do. Mood lighting? Check. Larger than life floral centerpieces? You bet. A 6-tier fondant cake? Obviously. You won’t be cutting any corners when it comes to your big day, so the bartenders better start studying up on their most creative concoctions — appletinis are just the beginning.

signature drink
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If you like a classic martini…

You’re elegant, but not in a fussy way. You believe less is more, which is why your wedding will be full of clean, streamlined wedding décor. Sure, chevron might be involved, but very strategically… like on your cake or invitations. The venue was the easy part (you totally booked that cool new loft space downtown), so now all of your attention is focused on three things: the food, the music, and the wardrobe. You have good taste, but in an understated kind of way.

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Are you having a signature drink at your wedding? What’s your cocktail of choice?

—Kimberly Watson

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