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Writing a Best Man Speech

Writing a Best Man Speech

Have you been struggling to write a best man speech in preparation for your brother / close friend / cousin's upcoming wedding? Well, do not worry, you are not alone! Worry no more because this article is intended on helping guys like you.

In writing a best man speech, first, think of something good (usually memories) that you and the groom shared together so you can write it in your speech. Although you may be filled with those memories, choose only those that are "harmless". So you can earn points from the groom himself, from the bride, and from the listeners aside. If the groom is a person who laughs often, inject some jokes to put colors in your speech, but of course, only if you are used to telling a joke because if not, you will also end up so awkward. Mind you, listeners can see through a deliverer's ability to share a joke fluently or not. While of course, being awkward in front may label you as a major turn off (if you are still single) to the single ladies, especially that you have to introduce yourself to the people at the top of your speech, so we better make it A-ok. You may also share some anecdotes / quotes, and revolve your speech around it so you may not go out of board. Of course, make sure that the used anecdotes / quotes touches with the topic on weddings, love, romance, etc.

Also, please do not forget to drop some nice comments for the bride – her lovely beauty, her elegance, etc. – as well as her bridesmaids and her maid of honor for their efforts in making the bride even lovelier on that special day. It may be simple, but trust me, it will go a long way (ie, a lasting friendship with the lifetime partner of your bestfriend / brother). May I also remember to acknowledge the bride's parents or whoever shouldered the wedding bills because their pockets were certainly got short of money for the grand occasion. It may also count a lot if you pay tribute to the people who came for the celebration, and also those who helped in preparing the venue, food, organizers, etc.

And lastly, before stepping out of the limelight, propose a toast in honor of the newlyweds, and say some best wishes.

* ding-dong *

Cheers to the best man speech you will formulate!

Source by Donna Prescott

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