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Brides Do it Yourself Married Name Change Checklist

Brides Do it Yourself Married Name Change Checklist


Congratulations on your recent wedding! Everything went fine, you're all moved in or you're on your honeymoon and things are humming along. So now it's time to tackle the chore of changing your last name to his. How hard can that be? After all, there are only a few places that will need your name change notification right?

Well, guess again … For the average adult there are over thirty agencies, companies and other entities that will require notice of a married name change. Wow, that's a lot! Did you know that the usual marriage name change, if done without assistance, can take over twelve hours?

Of course, there are online and offline systems you can use to help shorten the time. The right package can drastically reduce the time it takes to fill-out and submit all the forms containing your personal information. But that help will cost you a bit of money. Some are inexpensive and others are quite expensive.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you can find most forms online, fill them out and then mail them in. But exactly where do you get those forms and to what do you send them?

Whether you do-it-yourself or purchase one of the available name change packages, it's still very helpful to have a complete list of agencies and companies that might need to know about your marriage name change. Then, as you complete and mail the proper forms, you can check each organization off your list.

Here's a checklist of the main entities that you'll want to know about your new married name …


  • Social Security / IRS (Internal Revenue Service)
  • State DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Voter Registration
  • Passport / Post Office (name and address change)


  • Electric / Gas / Oil (for heating)
  • Cable / Satellite TV
  • Telephones (Land lines and cells)
  • Water / Sewer (may be combined with water) / Trash pickup
  • Internet connection provider

Home / Office

  • Mortgage / Equity loan holder
  • Landlord / Building management
  • Property titles / Deeds


  • Auto loan / Lease holder
  • Title / Registration
  • Vehicle sticker for local municipality
  • Roadside service

Employment / Business

  • Employer (through HR department)
  • 401-K / Insurance / other benefits plans
  • Business cards / Business email

Professional Organizations

  • State Bar
  • Unions / Professional associations
  • Business licensing agencies
  • Business Clients / Colleagues


  • Auto / Health / Dental / Vision / Life
  • Homeowners / Renters
  • Business


  • Checking accounts (personal) / Order new checks
  • Checking account (business) / Order new checks
  • Direct deposit accounts
  • Savings accounts / Money market accounts / CDs
  • Trusts / Other financial entities
  • PayPal / Other payment processors (online and offline)


  • Broker / Mutual fund accounts
  • Individual stock investment plans
  • IRA accounts / Business retirement accounts

Credit Cards / Loans

  • School loans / Other Personal Loans
  • Credit cards

Health Professionals

  • Doctors / Dentists / Chiropractors / Therapists / Trainers / Counselors

Other Professionals

  • Attorneys / Accountants / CPAs
  • Business / Other professionals


  • Newspapers / Magazines
  • Reward programs with Airlines / Hotels / Other reward programs


  • Schools / Clubs / Libraries / Gyms
  • Professional Organizations / Alumni Associations


  • Last Will and Testament
  • Power of Attorney for Finances / Power of Attorney for Health
  • HIPAA (release of medical information to family)

Wow! That's a lot of places to change your name!

If you would like a simpler, more organized method of completing your name name, visit our website and find out how we can help make your married name change quicker and easier.


Source by Tom Thomas

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