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Unique Ways to Use Hearts in Your Wedding

Unique Ways to Use Hearts in Your Wedding


The heart has long been a symbol of love, which makes it a natural to use in a wedding. However, the heart is such a common symbol of love that it can be challenging to find ideas on how to use it in ways that are uncommon and unexpected. These are some unique ways that you can use hearts to decorate your wedding.

Make your wedding food even more delightful by decorating it with a few well-chosen hearts. Of course you can have the baker create a heart themed cake, but do not limit yourself to thinking that this is your only option. Sweet treats like heart shaped cookies or chocolates are perfect for wedding favors. If you are having a dessert bar, consider including fun surprises such as heart shaped ice cream sandwiches or heart shaped wafers to garnish a dish of ice cream or a hot chocolate.

The decor at your wedding can be made more romantic with the inclusion of one or two special hearts. A wonderful way to welcome the guests to your wedding would be with a heart shaped wreath hung on the church door. Your wreath can be created from any number of things. For a winter wedding, use seasonal evergreens and red berries. An herb wreath featuring rosemary (for remembrance), lavender, and other fragrant herbs would be unique and beautiful. If you prefer something a bit more colorful, a heart shaped wreath made from dried red and pink flowers would make a romantic keepsake to display in your new home after the wedding.

The bride and her bridesmaids can also enjoy the heart motif. A subtle adornment for the bride is to choose bridal jewelry created from a clear Swarovksi crystal heart. This beautiful crystal bridal jewelry has the perfect amount of sparkle and shine, but is simple enough that you can wear it again after the wedding.

If you really love hearts and want to make a splash with them, then you can have your florist create some amazing heart shaped designs. For a one-of-a-kind bouquet, have your floral designer make a heart shaped bouquet for you to carry down the aisle. The special shape will be most noticeable if it is done in a strong color like red. Some trailing ivy could be a nice finishing touch for a romantic heart bouquet. It would be a great idea for a Valentine's Day wedding.

There are many other places that you can sprinkle some hearts into your wedding. Why not make the powder rooms more pleasant with a few heart shaped soaps? If you would like to include hearts in your centerpieces in a mixture way, heart shaped floating candles would be lovely. Naturally, your wedding stationery is an easy place to use a heart motif, but it has been done by many brides before, so proceed with caution to avoid being too cliché.

The heart is a simple yet powerful symbol of love and romance. It can be overdone, but there are so many creative ideas for using a heart to decorate your wedding that you will find it can still be done very completely. When used sparingly, the heart motif can be the perfect expression of love for a wedding.


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