Tuesday , 25 September 2018
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Green Catering – Another New Trend?

Green Catering – Another New Trend?

Another new organic market sees to have come from the Portland Catering industry and that is organic Catering. The first organization for green Catering has recently been started in NW Oregon zeroing in on making more people know about the benefits of green catering. They want to get the word out that it is not just about organic food but entails much more.

First thing we need to define is what sustainability is. Coming from the World Commission on Environment and Development is the best known definition of sustainability. This suggests that sustainability is defined as "forms of progress that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." Hey, I'm all for that, it's so important to take care of our future generations, our children, our grandchildren and our grandchildren's children. But according to some caterers in Portland, organic catering is much more and believes that it has 3 primary facets. They are people, planet and profit.

These three things are what reach sustainability. People. How can catering companies be green with out the support of its employee's? The owner can mandate that the leftovers be saved for compost or turn the lights off, but if the employee's are not motivated or care then it will not work. They have to care too, and that comes down to educating them about the benefits of being green, and that leads into our second facet, planet. Do your people care about taking care of our planet? Do they know and care about the implications that pertain to keeping the planet healthy. Both of these tie into each other in more than one way and both link to the last one and that is profit.

Those that care about being sustainable are going to enjoy an increase in profits from several different angles. The first one would be that the savings in energy and waste would benefit the catering company. The second and most important one is the fact that the catering business is a "green Catering Company" and can advertise that way and reap the benefits of the ever increasing market.

We all know that with the harsh economy more and more people are trying to make things work and one way that many of them are doing that is by going green and growing their own gardens. This type of mentality contributes to the love of going organic and boosts any organic Catering company, even the Caterers in Portland Oregon.

Source by Chris Schnik

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