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Our Wedding Reception – What Questions Do I Ask Before I Decide?

Our Wedding Reception – What Questions Do I Ask Before I Decide?

Your wedding reception, for most of your guests, is the highlight of your day. What are weddings mostly remembered for? Usually, they are remembered for the food. So, more than anything, you want to insure that you are making the right choice when picking your wedding site. But what questions should I ask?

The following questions are very straight forward and will gather all the information you need to make a rational decision.

1. Is the date available?

2. Do they have an area for the ceremony as well as the reception?

3. If the ceremony will be in a different place, how far is it from your ceremony?

4. How many tables can the room fit and how many guests per table?

5. How many total guests fit if there was a buffet? How many total guests fit if there is a formal dinner?

6. How many receptions does the venue have at one time?

7. Where will the cocktail hour be?

8. How big is the dance floor?

9. Can it fit a band? How many pieces can it fit?

10. Does the ambiance of the room fit the d├ęcor you like?

11. Are there discounts for holidays?

12. Can the wedding run later? How much per hour would it cost?

13. How much deposit is needed to hold the date? When is the balance due?

14. Is there a cancellation fee?

15. What does the price include?

16. Is there enough parking for the amount of guests you will invite?

17. Is there valet parking?

18. Can you bring in your own caterer?

19. How much per person do they charge? What food does that include?

20. What are the restrictions regarding decorating?

21. Are there any rooms for the bride and her wedding party?

22. Make sure they know you want tax and tip included in the price they quote.

23. If the venue is a hotel, does the bride and groom get a complimentary room?

There are many more questions. The list could go on forever, but the above above are the most important. Make sure you get every single thing that is spoken in writing and have them initial each item. Take the list, print it out and make sure you get answers for each one. Then you will be assured to get what was promised.

Source by Delora O'Brien

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