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Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

With all of the enhanced consciousness about the health of our planet, and "going green", have you considered Green wedding favors to accent your upcoming ceremony? The growing popularity of this trend has necessitated new and inventive benefits almost as vast as your imagination.

And if you are seriously thinking about an earth-friendly alternative to more traditional wedding favors and / or wedding invitations, just keep in mind there are excellent choices to be made of invitations from completely recycled paper.

So what about your favors? How can you come up with something original to suit such an earthy promise? Seedlings or some other petite plant as wedding favors would certainly make for a one-of-a-kind token of your love for Mother Earth, while symbolizing the newness and potential of your love union. An accompanying card as an invitation to plant these living privileges would be a perfect touch to bring added significance to your most "budding" of days.

The important thing to remember in "going green" with your wedding favors and wedding invitations is to keep it as simple and organic as you possibly can.

One way you can get ideas and inspiration is to look not only at the already available eco-friendly items when shopping for ideas, but look at all that might appeal to you, and then think about ways you can either find a 'green' alternative that achieves the same effect, or you can solicit the help of friends or family in creating your own spin on established standards.

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