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Planning a Simple Wedding That Will Be Remembered

Planning a Simple Wedding That Will Be Remembered

Planning a simple wedding is becoming more common and is totally socially acceptable. Many young brides and grooms are foregoing the traditional extravagant weddings and keeping it simple. This does not mean that they are foregoing elegance or style, and simple weddings can still be a special day that the bridal party and guests will remember for years to come.

The wedding reception has become the single most expensive part of the event, allowing the bride and groom to come up with innovative and less traditional types of places to have their wedding. Fabulous weddings can be had at beaches, parks and even in your own backyard. Some of the more memorable wedding events I have been to have been at locations that have selected from a romantic place in the hearts of the bride and groom.

I will always remember the wedding I went to at, of all places, the bowling alley. The couple met when they joined a bowling league and will we say it was love at first strike? This simple wedding was themed with bowling, from the wedding invitations to the bridal party, who wore matching bowling shoes. The groom and ushers wore bowling shirts instead of tuxedos. The imagination that went into creating themed wedding invitations and wedding cake were superb and unforgetable.

Another simple wedding I attended was in a beautiful park that overlooked a beach near San Diego, Ca. Simple weddings can be so romantic and elegant. The brides dress was billing in the ocean breeze and the entire wedding party toasted the bride and groom with the finest champagne that was local to the region.

Many brides have wedding receptions in their own backyard or close relative's yard. With some creative decorating, these types of wedding parties are a joy to be a part of.

When planning your simple wedding event, it is important to have your wishes known and followed. Many times, family will tell the bride where they should have their wedding, regardless of the cost, and if you state your desire to simplify things early on, it will quickly take the stress out of trying to please everyone. It is the bride and groom who will absolutely make the decision, but it would be nice to get the family involved to help with all the details that go into planning a wedding.

Simple wedding planning can allow your creativity to flow when it comes to picking out wedding invitations and wedding attire. Flower arrangements and wedding decorations can be personalized and still be simple.

You can contact a wedding consultant or wedding planner to help you, just remember to let them know exactly what you want. Explain how you want your wedding to be simple, but stylish.

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