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Throwing a Champagne Wedding on a Beer Budget

Throwing a Champagne Wedding on a Beer Budget


Every bride wants her wedding to be fabulous, but not all brides have the budget to design an over-the-top spectacle. There is no need to resign yourself to having a wedding that is ordinary or bland, however. With a few simple tips in mind, it is possible to throw a Champagne wedding on a beer budget.

Probably the most important tip is to spend your money where it shows. This way you will get the most impact for every dollar space. So where will your money show? Well, for instance, one of the first thing that everyone looks at when they attend a wedding is the bride's gown. And the next day, everyone will ask the guests, "What was her gown like?" before asking about the food, the d├ęcor, or anything else. Since it is a focal point, the gown is one place that it is worth splurging to get something really spectacular.

The bridal accessories, however, are one of those areas where you can save. Diamonds add a major "wow" factor to an outfit, but bridal jewelery sets that are dripping with diamonds will surely break the bank. Instead, look for bridal jewelry sets which are created from Swarovksi crystals for an equally dazzling effect at a fraction of the price. You can also choose affordable wedding shoes and add your own embellishments to give them a designer look without a designer price tag.

One thing that all top-notch weddings have in common is fantastic food. This can be one of the things that really makes or breaks a reception, but it can be difficult to get really fantastic food for a bargain price. This is another case where you should focus on spending your money where it will make the strongest impression. When the rich and famous get married, they may make a point of only serving organic produce and free-range poultry. While this is admirable, when you are trying to feed a crowd on a budget, this is one trend to forgo.

A better way to make your wedding food as elegant as possible is with very special presentation. Something as simple as having a decorative squiggle of sauce on the dinner plates will elevate your meal to the next level. A fresh toasted crouton as an accent for the soup course will not add much to your bottom line, but it will make the dish more appealing. Edible flowers also make lovely additions to the wedding dinner. By taking your presentation cues from high end establishments, you will be able to make your menu look more expensive than it actually is.

Centerpieces are a big deal at weddings. When you see the "platinum weddings" featured on television, they often have floral budgets that run to five or six figures. Without you are a millionaire, that is just plain crazy! It is definitely possible to create a chic and high end look without spending a fortune. One of the most hip styles in centerpieces these days is the submerged flower. This is so easy to pull off, and yet, you are using so few flowers that it is totally affordable. Simply take one stem of an elegant orchid, submerge it in a tall clear cylinder, and set the display into a bed of smooth river rocks. Smashing!

So you see, it is possible to have a champagne wedding on a beer budget, if you know where to put your money. Just remember, spend whatever money you have where it will be most obvious, and save on the behind-the-scenes details. Add in a few high-impact designer inspired elements, and you will have a truly magnificent wedding for a price you can afford.


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