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Wedding Favor Ideas For an Unforgettable Event

Wedding Favor Ideas For an Unforgettable Event


The date is set, venue reserved and dress chosen. The big three in wedding preparations are out of the way and now it's time to focus on the details that make an event memorable. Here is a roundup of wedding favor ideas and wedding decorations and supplies that are sure to add a great finishing touch to your event.

Wedding Favor Ideas

Originally reserved for European aristocrats who offered sugar cubes to guests in special boxes of crystal or porcelain, wedding favors are now a common tradition and cover a whole range of items. Sweets in stylish boxes and bags continue to be among the most popular wedding favors ideas. These days sugar cubes have been replaced with personalized chocolates and cookies in decorated tins, bags and even Chinese take out boxes. Other popular wedding favor ideas are practical items like lip balm, matches, even sun parasols and fans for those hot summer weddings. All of these can be customized with the bride and groom's names, event date or location. A third choice is to pick up on a theme of the wedding and develop wedding favor ideas around them. For a garden party, you might offer guests seeds, for a Las Vegas wedding or casino theme you could give each guest a deck of cards. A destination wedding might offer luggage tags or mini suitcase favor tins filled with mints.

Wedding Decorations and Supplies

There are so many decisions in planning a wedding, it's best to decide what's important to you before you browse all the decorations available. A few areas where you will have choices are wherever or not to use an aisle runner to reserve your dress and create a focal point. Simple white runners are available or you can chose to have one customized with your monogram or other design. If you plan to include a unity ceremony in the program, you'll need to decide if you prefer to light a candle or combine sand. For candle lighting, be sure use a glass to protect your candle from being blown out in the wind. Wedding napkins are another popular item as they are an easy way to carry a color theme to the cocktail area. You can personalize your wedding napkins with names, the date or your location. Finally, consider whether you want guests to give you a send off by creating an arch of wedding sparklers for you to run through or by tossing dried flower petals. Both are visually lovely.

Decorations are an easy way to show off any themes associated with your wedding and to add your own personality to the event. For the finishing touch, wedding favors make a thoughtful gesture that adds an extra smile to the guests' face as they head home.


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