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8 Reasons a Professional Wedding Planner Is Worth the Investment

8 Reasons a Professional Wedding Planner Is Worth the Investment


Anyone who has invested in the services of a wedding planner will tell you that they are worth every penny. From taking away the stress of planning an intricate event to suggesting the best flowers for your bridesmaids to carry in the spring, wedding planners are a resource that is invaluable when appealing to pull out an amazing wedding that you and your guests will enjoy. The following are 8 reasons a professional wedding planner is worth the investment.

1.) They will probably save you money. With industry knowledge and experience, wedding planners have a realistic idea of ​​cost and can warn you if what you want is likely to double your budget. Many brides make uninformed choices that end up being incredibly expensive. Having a clear concept of costs from the beginning is crucial to staying within your budget. Additionally, a wedding planner can give you suggestions and recommendations for compromise that will help you keep your costs to a minimum.

2.) Recommended Vendor List. Most wedding planners have a list of recommended vendors that they have established relationships with. These working relationships are based on trust and familiarity. Only worthy vendors are put on this list. In some cases these vendors may even offer you a discount or complimentary upgrade because you were sent to them by your planner.

3.) Neutral Party. Unlike any family member or friend a wedding planner can be supportive without being emotionally involved. You are a client, you are appreciated and respected, but the planner is not otherwise emotionally excited in your actual wedding. Having a calm, cool-headed planner can be incredibly valuable in case you're swept away by the emotional roller coaster of planning your wedding.

4.) Minimizes your stress. Having a wedding planner is like having a wedding coach. She will instruct you, direct you, answer your questions and warn you of possible mishaps in advance. When the big day comes you'll be relieved to know that everything had been taken care of in advance.

5.) The time you will save. Through a combination of consultation, a recommended vendor list and the strategy employed by a professional wedding planner, tremendous amounts of time will be saved. By not having to search on-line or at Bridal shows for the things you need, you'll save hours of time.

6.) It simplifies communication with the venue. If you have one point of contact for the actual day of the wedding, it will make things much easier for you and the venue. A wedding planner will make sure that your timeline is working with the seasons timeline, and that way you never have to be interrupted by questions during the reception.

7.) You will get to enjoy and remember your wedding day. It will probably be the busiest and most emotionally exciting day of your life. You will want to enjoy it and remember it. Leaving the little details and mishaps to someone else to resolve.

8.) You will look better. When you are stressed out and preoccupied it shows on your face. With a wedding planner you will be able to relax because you've seen all the details in advance and know that someone else is handling any potential pitfalls. Being carefree will be evident in your face and through your expressions. After all you will be having hundreds of pictures taken and looking at them for years to come. You'll want to look your absolute best.

Make your wedding the most enjoyable event of your life. Use a wedding planner to advise you and take away the stress that can abound during this special time in your life.


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