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What to Wear to Disneyland in Inclement Weather

You’ve purchased your Disneyland tickets already, only to find out it’s raining. Or windy. Or 110 degrees of miserable So Cal heat. Think again before you bail out on your ... Read More »

Disney Trips on a Budget

While Disneyland retains the name the happiest place on earth, a trip to visit Disneyland can sometimes feel like a trip to visit the most expensive place on earth! Despite ... Read More »

Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding And Picking A Good Wedding Photographer

With celebrations, there are always a number of things to prepare for. Take the case of weddings as an example. Weddings involve a great deal of preparation, especially if you ... Read More »

Italian Wedding Theme

A trend now in weddings is to go with an Italian theme. Italian food, beautiful music, and Jasmine flowers. In Italy brides often wear Jasmine in their hair during the ... Read More »

Everything About Digital Wedding Photography

A very common topic that is debated by professional wedding photographers is deciding if digital or traditional photography is better. As the world around us becomes more digitized, it's only ... Read More »

Top Five Reasons Why Wedding Etiquette is Important

Have you ever been to a wedding where there was an awkward drunk relative at the reception? Or maybe you've attended a wedding where a guest wore a dress that ... Read More »

Selecting a Wedding Videographer – 5 Tips and Suggestions to Follow

The creation of a wedding video starts well before the actual wedding day. The bride and groom need to take time to plan and organize details including what they want ... Read More »

Online Wedding Gift Registry – What Are the Advantages Over the Traditional Wedding Gift Registry?

Online wedding gift registries are becoming more and more popular. It has become apparent that the traditional registry is no longer valid in the 21st century. The main issue with ... Read More »

Our Personalized Wedding and Honeymoon Registry

Our wedding cost us a fortune. Not a wealthy person's fortune, but ours. We wanted it to be perfect and it was. Every detail was considered, every moment an occasion. ... Read More »

Very Cheap Wedding Invitations – Do it Yourself to Save on Wedding Invitations

When you're planning your wedding on a strict budget, then very cheap wedding invitations are the way to go. Unfortunately, in most cases you can either spend time or spend ... Read More »

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