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5 Hot Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

5 Hot Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

You can get married and have an inexpensive wedding! Wedding plans do not have to include financial stress. Here are 5 tips on how to plan a beautiful, simple wedding.

Skip the Middle Man

Movies and bridal magazines suggest professional wedding planners who orchestrate spectacular events. However, these services probably come at spectacular prices. Also, a wedding planner might tempt you with cute details that escalate the cost of your wedding without contributing to the ultimate happiness of your marriage. It is true that a planner could prevent wedding day mishaps, but those little glitches actually provide personality and smiles on a tense day.

Forget the Joneses

Trying to imitate your friends and relatives will definitely not help you have an inexpensive wedding. Wedding days should be as unique as the wedding couples. Select a totally different venue or a different time of day so that your decorations or reception can not be compared to all the other weddings just held at your church. If someone actually criticizes a couple for simplifying the wedding instead of going into debt, that person is not a good friend anyhow.

Develop a Strategy

Ask your minister for suggestions on how to have an inexpensive wedding. Wedding sites on the internet can provide access to services. They also allow you to compare prices without facing a high-pressure sales person at a bridal shop. Interview your most recently married friends for references and advice. Discuss all these options with your future spouse so you can define a budget. Then, stick with it!

Involve Family and Friends

The people that love you are interested in making your wedding day memorable. Allow them to contribute with their time and abilities. When your closest relatives offer to buy expensive wedding gifts, ask them to provide the cake or the photographer, instead. If your college roommate is a musician, ask if he would do a free gig for you; but, display his name and website in a visible place so your guests know how to hire him for their next event.

Risk Something Different

Start a less expensive tradition like a sundae bar on a hot summer afternoon rather than a formal, sit-down meal. Schedule your wedding during the off-season to benefit from lower flower and travel prices. (Your subsequent anniversary celebrations will also save money.)

An inexpensive wedding will eliminate financial worries from the day you will remember happily ever after.

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