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Green Wedding Favor Ideas

Green Wedding Favor Ideas

Green as a wedding color is trendy, it pairs well with many other colors and with popular schemes of honeydew and chocolate brown or pink and spring green – it is fabulous for modern weddings. Brides who choose to use this color are very down to earth, fun loving gals. It is highly symbolic for weddings as well; it is said to represent life, fertility, health and prosperity.

Green is complex; with warm properties like yellow and cooling properties like blue, the shade you select for your wedding can make your reception warm and inviting or cool and relaxing. It can also be warmed up or cooled down depending on the color you pair it with if you are having a duel colored wedding.

Shades of green are popping up everywhere, in wedding magazines and online with favors and accessories. If you choose to use this as your wedding color or accent color, there are now so many choice available to you for your wedding. We have some lovely wedding favor ideas for you in this modern color sceme:

1) Candles – many floral design candles contain green as their accent color. There are also adorable frog candles, "Two Peas in a Pod" candles, and "Perfect Pair" candles. All are perfect for spring, garden or themed weddings.

2) Kitchen Inspired Favors – Items such as "Two Peas in a Pod" salt and pepper shakers, "A Perfect Pair" kitchen timer, "Love Keyboard Magnets" or "The Perfect Pair" fridge magnets make useful benefits and are all in this festive color.

3) Place card frames – there are beautiful frames available for your place cards in various shades from sea foam to mint from sage to emerald. Epoxy, pewter and rhinestones accent many of these frames giving them a chic, upscale look and feel.

4) Green Tea Favors – why not give not only a green colored item, but a "green" consumable item? Tea tin canister benefits that can be filled with green tea and personalized with your names and dates make a delicious gift. Pair with a jar of personalized honey with a matching label for a soothing after wedding treat.

5) Personalized Edible Favors – personalized beverages, cocktail mixes, Hershey bars, mint tins, or even Mint colored Jordan almonds placed inside an earth friendly box topped with a personalized label makes a fabulous thank you present.

Source by Erica Tevis

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