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Lladro Figurines – Porcelain From Spain

Lladro Figurines – Porcelain From Spain

During the mid 1950's in the Valencian community of Spain, brothers Juan, Jose, and Vicente Lladro dedicated their free time to the creation of beautiful ceramic pieces with hopes of rising above a mediocre existence. The three of them studied at the Valencia School of Arts and Crafts. The older two brothers studied drawing and painting. But the youngest, Vicente, studied sculpture. After finishing school they began selling ceramic flowers fired on their parents' back patio in a Moorish kiln. They then begin studying and designing porcelain figurines.

By 1969, what is now known as Porcelain City became home of Lladro porcelain art. The company is dedicated to maintaining the techniques of the late 18th century European styles. Today the company employs over 2,000 people who take part in creating these delicate porcelain figurines known as Lladro collectibles. These creations are marketed in over 100 countries.

Once viewed as a luxury item by European royalty, there is a feeling of nostalgia and aristocracy when purchasing one of these exquisite figurines. Prices range from just under $ 200 to several thousand. The top eight figurines include four of happy couples in love and range from $ 525 to $ 710. Each piece is given a title like, Flowers of the Season, which sells for more than $ 2,000. A collector can find a variety of Lladro collectibles that include a fantasy collection, animals, professions & sports, to family, wedding, and romance. Great attention to detail is given to each piece regardless of title of assortment. These precious figurines are a fine addition to any buyer's collection of fine art.

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