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Outdoor Reception Decorations and Ideas

Outdoor Reception Decorations and Ideas

Having an outdoor wedding reception is a lovely idea, especially when the weather is warm and balmy. You can choose such locations as a seaside inn or restaurant, a lovely spring garden or even the beach. Your choice might even be to have your wedding reception in a large yard, or rent an estate where your guests can stroll the grounds. No matter what type of outdoor venue you choose for your wedding, you can find many inspiring and creative wedding reception decorating ideas.

You can line the walks of your outdoor wedding reception with soft votive candles that will create a most romantic ambiance. If you have access to a pool, pond or a fountain, you can float candles and rose petals to make an elegant statement. Candles can be used in a number of ways when you are having a wedding al fresco.

If you are getting married in a gazebo, you can find many inexpensive reception decorating ideas that will have it looking like a dream. You can use streamers, balloons and strings of light to set the mood for your vows. Perhaps you would like to set strings of lights in the trees to give a twinkling star-like effect.

Other lighting ideas for your outdoor wedding reception can be tiki torches or torches of citronella. You can stick the torches in the ground to light the way to your wedding. Chinese lanterns are a nice touch too, and you can stream all types of garland to match your wedding theme.

You may want an arch or arbor to say your vows beneeth and these can be decorated by you or renovated fully embellished. This will be a focal point for your wedding guests and will look spectacular in your wedding photos. To add more pizzazz to the wedding reception, you can think about decorating the chairs where the guests will sit to eat and enjoy the festivals. You can tie pretty bows with streams of ribbon to the back of each one.

There is any number of ways to decorate your wedding reception that will be held outdoors. Once you have chosen the theme of your wedding, finding ideas for decorating will come easy. You can shop in some unexpected places and pick up some unbelievable bargains to make your wedding day into all you imagined it to be. You do not have to choose expensive decorations; you can find many ways in which to decorate that will keep you within your budget and wow all your guests with your taste and style.

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