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How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

A wedding is one of the most memorable and happiest days in your life and a good wedding photographer will be absolutely responsible for capturing those memories forever. In most cases a photographer will set you back by two to five thousand bucks. Here is a list for you to follow if you are selecting a photographer for your marriage.


Make a bulleted list of all your wedding details. This list should have all the details that a photographer should be aware of. This includes the wedding setting, whether it is going to be indoor or outdoor, the lighting & the time of the day and any other factors that will require special efforts by the photographer.


Prepare an itinerary for your big day as this will help you and the photographer to know what to expect and when. Details like traveling to different venues, personal photography of the groom, bride, the best man, and the bridesmaids etc should be covered over here as often they have to be transported out at a place which is not the actual venue.


Ask your friends and relatives for a list of recommended photographers who have done a good job at their weddings. This is much better as compared to finding someone online or on Craigslist. Also, interview a couple of new photographers, those who have a good portfolio, but are not known to your family and friends.


Contact the shortlisted photographers and interview them. Ask in detail about their work and experiences and things that they would like to recommend to you for getting great pictures. Note down which camera they will be using, will they have an assistant with them. Ask them to give you details about where these photographs will look good; in print or on the web.


Take a detailed and careful look at your photographers' portfolio. Note down the variety of shots and angles employed by him. Also not the amount of lighting and try to see whether there is actually any effort put in by him or its just ordinary pictures taken with an ordinary camera.


If you like the package offered by your photographer, negotiate on the price. In most cases they offer you a fixed duration in hours or a fixed number of photographs around three to four hundred. The package also includes some prints and a CD or DVD with all your photographs in high resolution for permanent storage along with full reprinting rights. Also, many photographers post these photographs to their websites for around six months which can be viewed by you and your guests. Some of them also offer the option of ordering prints directly from the website.


Lastly, make sure all your agreements are concrete. This should include the mandated price. Also, everything should be in the form of a written contract and you should NEVER hire a person who can not offer this.

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