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Wedding Venues – Four Key Areas to Consider

One of the most important tasks in planning a wedding is choosing a location. It needs to be practical, accessible and worthy of hosting the big day. When considering wedding ... Read More »

Wedding Band Vs Wedding DJ

Planning a wedding is full of decision-making. Religious or secular ceremony? 50 guests or 150? Sit-down dinner or canap├ęs? Live band or DJ? And it’s all up to two people ... Read More »

Juicy Couture Information

Juicy Couture. You just pictured a sexy velor track suit did not you? Everyone does and that is the genius of the Juicy Couture line of clothing. This line, which ... Read More »

Your Best Lambskin Leather Wear

Are you one of those slightly unfortunate people living in a geographical location close to the poles? If so then you are one of those who get extremely pleased on ... Read More »

How to Find Cheap Designer Perfume

Let's face it. All of the trendy, celebrity and designer perfumes are expensive. If you want to adorn your dressing table with an array of chic perfume bottles, you're in ... Read More »

Flowers – Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets – the sky's the limit! Today, brides are not committed to pick traditional bridal bouquets with white flowers only. For today, the sky's the limit. There are an ... Read More »

Wholesale Wedding Flowers For DIY Brides

Today's sophisticated bride is savvy when it comes to flowers for their wedding. Because wedding costumes easily exceed the reach of many brides, many wedding planners and brides are equally ... Read More »

Finding Inexpensive Wedding Gowns

Inexpensive wedding dresses are easier to discover than you believe they are. There's a marketplace and a demand for them and since you'll find locations and you'll discover them. In ... Read More »

Perfect Westchester County Wedding Photography Destinations

In general, come wedding season, brides and grooms alike are scrambling to find that perfect location, for that perfect moment when everything in their life comes together in order to ... Read More »

Nature-Inspired Fall Wedding Decors

Think autumn harvest when brainstorming for fall wedding ideas. Fall wedding decorations can be more than colorful cut flowers. A medley of textures such as beautiful berries, fall foliage, and ... Read More »

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