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5 Flattering Clothing Styles for Larger Women

5 Flattering Clothing Styles for Larger Women


It can be fulfilling to go shopping for clothes when you have enough money and are feeling good. However, when you are "more curvaceous" than most women, shopping for clothes may end up being a daunting and rather depressing challenge.

That does not mean there are very limited clothes you can get. In reality, there are various clothes that flatter larger women. You just need some creativity and patience. Let us give you a head start with these five clothes that will certainly flatter your more voluptuous size.

Straight-leg jeans

Straight leg jeans will show the fullness of your hips without emphasizing them too much. They will not cramp your legs and thighs like skinny jeans would. They will not make your lower body bigger either, contrary to when you choose belly bottom or elephant pants, straight leg jeans will make you look longer and leaner. There are also low rise straight jeans If you prefer to look sexy or when you want to look comfortable and relaxed.

Black Dress

Just because you are larger than some women does not mean you can not be sexy or wear cocktail dresses. It is actually the opposite. The only requirement is that you must know how to choose the right cocktail dress. That being said, when choosing a sweet dress for prom, wedding, or whatever occasion you are going to, it is best to stick to a solid color, specifically black. A solid satin cocktail dress will make your skin glow naturally and will give just enough focus on your curves. If you really want to get a patterned dress, always go for those with smaller details. Large details will make you look larger.

Cashmere cardigan sweater

Cashmere cardigan sweaters are great to hide extra flesh but can still show the curves. The solid color and pattern-less design makes sure you will not appear larger than you actually are. The vertical lines the cloth make will make you look slimmer. By choosing the right color and design, a cashmere cardigan sweater can be the most versatile and flattering piece of clothing you will ever wear.

V-neck top

V-neck tops will elongate your neck, give focus on your shoulders, and allow you to flaunt your chest area. Remember the saying, "If you have it, flaunt it"? Well, that is a saying that applies to this kind of clothes. A lot of larger women want to hide their bodies. They feel ashamed and uncomfortable. They basically feel ugly. However, that must not be in your thoughts. You are beautiful skinny or not. Wearing fitted v-neck tops will let you flaunt your beauty, chest and curves included.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are form-fitting skirts that fall either slightly below or above the knees. They compliment larger women well. Why? It is because the more you hide your body, the fatter you will look. Yes, that harsh word has to be used. Pencil skirts will show off your curves, making you look more slender. The fact that it shows your legs and the curves of your hips will make your upper and lower body proportionate, even making you look taller.

Today, larger women do not need to feel embarrassed by their size. What's important is not the outside but the inside. Be confident within, and it will radiate out. Try any or all of the flattering clothes listed above and start feeling and looking like a gorgeous larger woman.


Source by Jenny Wells

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