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Best Man Wedding Speeches

Best Man Wedding Speeches

Are you a tad shy in front of a large audience? Or maybe you are searching for the perfect material to impress that same audience? One thing is for sure; like the rest of us, you probably will not be delivering too many best man wedding speeches in your life, so a little preparation will go a long way.

Wedding speeches, like so many other traditions, originated from ancient Egyptian and European customs. Today's version is somewhat different I'm sure, but I'll bet the basics are the same, so here are five tips to get you started on your journey towards the perfect speech.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice Everyone should know this one by now; 'practice makes perfect.' Do at least 5-10 rehearsals in front of a mirror or with the help of friends and family.

2. Take Your Time Stand up straight and take a moment to look around and establish eye contact with your guests before you start.

3. Make It Short No need for lengthy performances here. A good speech will last about 10 minutes and have a solid opener, middle and closing.

4. Humor Be sure to add tasteful humor through your speech and your audience will shower you with loving attention and will not even notice your shaking knees. Hopefully.

5. Hold The Drinks! As tempting as it is guys, make sure to avoid drinking too much before your moment in the spot light. Especially no drinking during the speech! A drunken, slurry speech will be on everyone's camera until the end of time and you do not want that.

Oneker note: RELAX! It's not like you are the president of the United States preparing for your daughter's wedding !! Although, I am very curious to hear what George Bush will say at Jenna's upcoming wedding.

Good luck, Best Man!

Source by Dallas Morrison

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