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Trinidad Wedding Traditions

Trinidad Wedding Traditions

Weddings are usually colorful events. Some of the color is usually bought by the wedding traditions that have been transported forward for several generations. In Trinidad, there are different kinds of people who can trace their roots to the Middle East, Africa, China and India. This and the different religions have made the wedding traditions in this Caribbean country diverse. In Trinidad traditional weddings, men are supposedly to put on suits with tails at the backside. Another piece of attire that is usually included in men's clothing is the top hat. These have to be black in color. The rest of the men's attire includes a white shirt and a bow tie. Women in these weddings usually put on dresses made from satin mostly in white but one can choose another color if they so wish. It is customary for Trinidad weddings to have processionals that include the best man and the flower girls as well. This is not very different from Toronto weddings.

In Trinidad Christian weddings, after saying the vows, the couple and their guests go to a different location for a grand party. On their way to the party venue, guests take part in traditional dances such as the shuffle on the streets. At the reception party, the guests are usually served with the traditional wedding favors, which are dumplings and crab. The wedding cake is usually brought to the reception venue on top of the head of a wedding guest. The cake, which is usually black in color, is wrapped in a mosquito net as traditions demand. There is usually more dancing and dances such as the reel, the quadrille and the jig, which are the most common.

Unlike Toronto weddings, in Trinidad Hindu weddings, the groom usually dresses in a four piece Indian suit that has beads and embroidery while the bride usually dresses in an Indian Mehendi. Indian weddings include Hindu religious wedding ceremony followed by a reception. There is also much dancing in Hindu Trinidad wedding ceremonies. In Trinidad, the religious part of the Muslim wedding ceremony is usually held during the day in the presence of a few family members. The highlight of the wedding is the reception, which is usually held at night. Trinidad Muslim brides usually put on lehengas or ghararas during the ceremonies. Some brides choose to put on the western styled wedding dresses, just like in Toronto nuptial events. The grooms in these weddings can go for a western styled suit as well. Much dancing goes on in the ceremony, especially at the reception.

A Trinidad wedding can not be complete if there is no giving of wedding favors. It is customary for wedding guests to give the bride and groom wedding favors. The benefits can be in terms of money or physical gifts. Another tradition similar to Toronto weddings is giving of speeches. The parents of the bride and groom and any other relevant person usually give the speeches. Another wedding tradition that many couples take part in is stopping at the country's botanical gardens. The couple and their guests take photos, which is another tradition, at the gardens.

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