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Celebrity Jewelry

Celebrity Jewelry

As the weather slowly starts to get warmer, celebrities have begun emerging onto the streets. From my perch above Fifth Avenue in New York City, I get a perfect opportunity to steal the style of celebrities shopping in the designer boutiques. Keep reading to learn of my discoveries …

Celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton are drawn to Tiffany & Co. designs like the Wishbone Necklace and the Anchor Necklace, respectively. Both these designs feature .925 sterling silver bedecked with dozens of tiny white diamonds. If you want to steal this style without breaking your budget, you can look into the inspired versions, such as the Tiffany Inspired Wishbone Necklace and the Tiffany Inspired Anchor Necklace . The wishbone will bring you a little bit of extra luck and hopefully wealth during this recession, while the anchor is the perfect emblem for the spring and summer and sunny days to come!

Speaking of recession, it is important to find some serious bargains whilst accessorizing this season. I'm not saying you should give up on buying the extras completely, because what fun would that be! What I am saying is you can very easily find items that are almost identical to what the celebrities are wearing, they amount to only a fraction of the cost of the real thing!

Take for example the chunky necklaces at J. Crew that you see all sorts of celebrities and newscasters alike sporting. These bright and colorful beaded pieces can easily bought from fashion jewelry stores for under $ 20, while the J. Crew version will cost you well over $ 100.

Another trend that has been worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, is the beaded drop earring. This post-style earring features one colorful bead on a chain. Angelina's earrings were probably made of platinum and green emerald, but if you purchase this type of earring in .925 sterling silver with a peridot stone, you will pay less than $ 35, which will severely break the bank.

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