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On a Budget Wedding Ideas – Finding the Right Wedding Cake

On a Budget Wedding Ideas – Finding the Right Wedding Cake

Who knew that there were so many different types of cake? They can be grandly complicated, or beautifully simple. They can also be ridiculously expensive, more so if you get one that is as huge as it is deliciously stunning.

One modern cheap wedding cake trend is to use cupcakes. If you're on a budget, wedding ideas like this can really help you out. Cupcakes may seem a little too cheap for an occasion so grand, but with the right baker and arrangement, a cupcake wedding cake will amaze your guests. The cupcakes are usually arranged in tiers, just like traditional cakes are.

Another popular option is to have display cakes. Yours can be small or even fake! This sweet treat is purely about looks and does not have to be expensive. Of course, the real sweet treat you cut and eat will be a large, basic square one, which is much cheaper then a fancy 7-tier creation. And, if you already have a display cake, then you get the best of both worlds.

Another way to make sure you get cakes cheap is to decorate them yourself. The most expensive part of the cake is the decorations. If you order a plain white cake, you can decorate it yourself with fresh fruit of fresh flowers.

You might also try to go directly to your baker with your budget. Tell your baker what you are willing to pay, and ask what he can do for you. If he can only offer you a 2-tiered treat and you want a 3-tiered one, ask if he can put a fake tier in. Many bakers can place a fake tier on small cakes. This will cut down on the cost of your cake, but not take away from its beauty.

These are only a few on a budget wedding ideas to help you save. Yes, you can have a cheap wedding cake … and eat it, too!

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