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Hair Loss Treatment and Solution

Hair Loss Treatment and Solution

Hair forms a beautiful part of human body. All human befits wish to have strong and healthy hair and people often go to any extent to have a beautiful crowning glory. Hair treatments and hair specialization has become a multi million dollar industry today. But even with the development of modern techniques, hair loss has become a very big problem with many people. In Ayurveda, hair is considered as the excretory product of the bones, which is one among the Dhatus. It also advocates application of oil everyday especially on the head, ears and feet. From this, one can understand the importance Ayurveda, has given in maintaining healthy hair.

Hair loss is a problem that has become a worldwide phenomenon in modern times. The reason for such a drastic increase in this problem is many.

a. Stress and strain of the modern life: – Unlike olden times stress is more with today's life. Tension causes hair loss. Besides other than the courses many beauty parlors offer, people have no time for elaborate hair care that was done years before.

b. Excessive use of chemicals as in hair coloring, dyeing etc .: – With the passage of time instead of using the tested and tried way of using herbs, people are running around for the short time treatment. They are on the lookout for more results in less time and hence undergo many capsule treatments. Most of these use chemical components, which may cause allergy in some people. Both intensive use of chemicals can harm the hair. It is said that if chlorine water is used for washing hair, then we have to wash it again with good drinking water so as to wash of the residue. Many people while going to a particular city complain of hairball due to chlorine water. Chemicals used for coloring, dyeing etc plays a main role in hair loss

c. Diseases such as anemia, allopacia etc also is the reason for hair fall. Apart from these, constant use of drugs in many serious ailments also results in hair fall. After surgery some people complain of hair fall.

d. Heriditary: – This is also a main factor. Nothing can be done for the hereditary baldness. To an extensive treatment can be provided for hair loss. But if the problem is hereditary then chances for hair growth in a wide scale is negligible.

e. Carelessness: – Carelessness also causes falling of the hair. Tying the hair for many days without proper combing, bathing in hot water can cause hair loss. Beside if left without proper oil application hair strands become dry and often there are chances for breakage of hair. Tying the hair wet can cause broken ends.

These are but a few of the reasons for hair loss. Now we can consider the main remedies for this problem.

Previously people used to have dark, lustrous and abundant hair because they used to pamper hair a lot. In this modern life people can overcome the problem of hair loss and can have good hair if they spare some time for its care. Applying some mild oil, which is slightly heated, and massaging it all over the scalp through gentle motion of the finger improve the blood supply and improvements the growth of hair. Beside instead of using shampoo and other chemicals it is often advised to use some herbal concotions, which are really good for the hair. These products are available in the market. Ayurveda offers many such good medicines for this problem. Henna is a good conditioner. Include healthy food in the diet. Instead of using the hair drier, we can use some medicated fumes, which will help dry the air naturally and will not have any side effects. Our grandmothers are all very particular about this. Including fresh leafy vegetables and lots of water is also advised. Amla is good for the hair. Honey can also be used to wash the hair. Kanhunni is an herb, which helps in hair growth. There are many oils in Ayurveda, which uses this herb. Proper care also is necessary. Washing the hair daily reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime in the hair. Once the hair is dry, gently comb the hair. It is good to run the comb through the scalp without getting knots.

In general, hair loss is a big problem. If we have the time and proper care, then we can overcome this problem.

Source by Dr John Anne

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