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Tips on Hiding Your Body Piercings For Work

Tips on Hiding Your Body Piercings For Work

It can be regrettable that we have to have a job in order to live, but it is a tragedy that not all jobs let us express our individuality. Piercings, particularly piercings on the face, are a great way to express individuality, but some employers ban them because of the way it may reflect on the company image. Big corporations will have a dress code for employees – right down to hair style! Even lower pay jobs such as waiting on tables don’t hire those with piercings because they think it looks “dirty” and reflects badly on the establishment. If you do not want to get rid of the piercings and lose your job, your best bet is to hide them.

Here are some of the most common piercings and ways you can hide them from employers.

Ears. You can purchase see-through retainers for your earlobe piercings at fashion jewelry stores. You can expect them to be small wires that average half an inch long. It’s best to carry a few retainers as they may not stay locked onto your piercing. You will have to periodically check if they are still in.

Stretched earlobes. It is not impossible to hide these, just a bit trickier. Kaos offers skin-colored hiders in different shades that look pretty real. If you’re female, stretched lobes are easier to conceal – just wear plugs and they will look like big stud earrings.

Tongue. The nice thing is that you can hide this piercing which is not as obvious as an eyebrow or lip piercing. However, you can spot a tongue piercing whenever someone yawns or laughs. Luckily, acrylic retainers are available in different sizes. An acrylic retainer is the same shape as your tongue jewelry, but it’s completely see-through so that it blends in with your tongue. These can replace your tongue’s barbell. Acrylic retainers are readily available and not too expensive. Another choice is the skin-colored retainer – these are surgical steel rods with skin-colored discs at each end. Only problem is that these are expensive and made by less companies. It is also possible to attach clear balls or discs to your barbell. Though not as successful as the first two ideas, they are good for an emergency, like if the boss comes to see how you’re doing.

Eyebrow. There are a lot of accessory companies that sell small metal retainers that look like tiny crochet hooks. This may not work if you have thin brow hair or your piercing is shallow. See-through retainers made out of plastic would work but they are harder to find. But if it’s a one-off emergency and you need to hide your piercing for a short amount of time, just remove the balls!

Lip piercing. There are also see-through retainers for lip piercings, a bit like tongue piercings but shorter. In extreme cases, or short periods, like a meeting, just take out the ball and stud.

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