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Indian Bridal Hairstyles Exploring New Terrains!

Indian Bridal Hairstyles Exploring New Terrains!


Indian weddings are extravagant. Well, and it's probably the one thing we love about them too, is not it? It's a day when the stars bless you, with the bride's face gleaming in the flickering lights of celebration, there's not a single thing you want to go missing. Because weddings are so special, the festivities call for a perfect decor and definitely a flawless bridal look.

Perfection With Dupatta Setting
Here's a style that has always been a great place to with if you are looking for something smart, yet simple. Start with blow-dried hair and then decide with the client if she wants a side or middle parting. Separate a section of the front hair. Take this section from both sides. Take the remaining hair and tie them using a spray so that they are easier to manage. Then decide which size of hair donut to use. Then place it at the end of the ponytail. Twist the hair inwards as you go towards the scalp. Put some more hair spray. Use bobby pins to secure it. You can now use expression hair. Split the expression hair into four strands. And use them around the bun. This is the most basic hairstyle an Indian bride can sport.

Go With Those Simple Loops With Fine Polish
There are some hairstyles that need patience and just a few pins to give you that perfect look. And you have to believe that they're totally worth it! When Natalie Portman flaunted this professional look, many of our Indian girls decided to incorporate the look to their wedding attire. This is because, it accentuates the look on your face and makes the swept back hair look really sexy. How to get it? You start by a side parting and then use gel on the strands, moving to the tips of your hair. Brush them to make a tight ponytail. Now make two separate sections of the ponytail and twist the lower section under itself. Use bobby pins to secure the roots of the hair. For a fine look, wrap the top layer of hair all around the base of the ponytail

Curls That Spell Elegance
It was not until the Bollywood beauties depicted this one at various dos with great élan that our Indian bridal hairstyles also decided to experiment with the curls for a relaxing, not to uptight bridal look. Natural curls are in and how! The most important ingredient to this recipe is your curl cream. Now you can apply curl cream in damp hair. Be careful about the amount you use, it can make your hair look oily. Blow-dry it. Use a barrel curling iron to polish the curls. First wrap your natural curls around the iron rod and then the others. At all times, keep using shine spray on the curls to give them a great look.

Terrific Waves
Flawless glossy super ripples are now completing the bridal attires more than ever, especially when you're going for those backless straps and want to give them a "not-too-loud" look. They are one of the easiest Indian bridal hairstyles to get. All you need is a good blow-dry and a heavy round brush for great volume. Use hot rollers to set the waves and let it stay for 15 minutes. Remove them and use a brush with shiny spray. Do not comb them too much, let the waves fall naturally.


Source by Kansal Naik

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