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Plus Size Wedding Dresses – 4 Hot Summer Trends for 2007

Plus Size Wedding Dresses – 4 Hot Summer Trends for 2007

In the world of bridal fashion, following trends is not always an easy thing to do for a BBW. The top designers always seem to have a size 0 in mind when they are designing their current line of wedding gowns, and some trends seem to pass the plus size world by. However, this year there are several trends that are actually full figure friendly and will transfer into a beautiful, plus size wedding gown choice for your summer wedding.

Trend 1Sweetheart necklines . A sweetheart neckline is a low-cut neckline with two curves over the bust, making the bodice "shaped like the top of a heart." This is ideal for average to small size busts but can work well on large busts if the cut is not too low and there is sufficient support in the bodice.

Trend 2Color . A big trend this year is a touch of color. Whether it be colored lace appliqué, colored thread piping, or the entire dress a shade other than white. Anything goes and colorful wedding dresses are very fashionable now. Plus size brides can take advantage of this trend by using dark colors in the bodice area to draw the eye up if you are "pear" shaped or bottom heavy. Alternately, you can use color in the train or hem, or add colored appliqué's on the skirt and colored sashes if your very top heavy. All over color is in now and can be flattering to all brides off all sizes. Popular shades for summer are lavender, blue, jewel tones and metallic fabrics of silver and gold.

Trend 3Lace . Lace appliqué's, dresses that are totally lace and lace sheathings are all in style this summer. Although overdoing lace can actually accentuate figure flaws, a little lace in the right places can be very figure flattering. Instead of a dress that is total lace, try a gown with some lace appliqué's with or without a touch of color. Also, a simple Lycra enhanced dress with a lace sheathing can be extremely beautiful on an extra curvy bride.

Trend 4Accessories . How you decide to accessorize your wedding dress will depend on what style of dress you are going to wear. If keeping it simple and you are going to wear a casual wedding dress, you will want to add very little for fear of overwhelming the beauty of your selected gown. A simple flower for your hair or a jeweled hair comb instead of a veil or tiara would be appropriate and not much else. If you are wearing a formal style wedding dress then of course you can add much more to your ensemble. veils, tiaras, gloves, shawls, flowered sashes, bows, and beads are all popular trends for 2007. The only item mentioned that may not work well on the plus size dresses are wide sashes, although there are some wedding dress styles that incorporate this trend in a very understated way, and would look good on women of all shapes and sizes.

Remember, do not let the latest fashion trends be the only factor when you are choosing your perfect wedding dress. You have to feel comfortable, and your gown should reflect your personality and your inner beauty. That is the number one consideration, and when you follow your instincts you will certainly shine like a star on your most special day.

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